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What the heck did we do before the internet?  Did you know that there’s a place you can go to find out what is going to be in the Sunday newspaper inserts?  It’s called simply Sunday Coupon Preview.  It will tell what inserts and more importantly what coupons are in the inserts.  It’s a great site for those of us who do NOT have newspaper subscriptions but decide week-to-week whether or not to run to Tracy’s Groceries or Uncle Bucks  to pick up a Sunday paper for $1.00.

The problem with the Sunday coupon preview sites are that not all the coupons listed will be in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.  In fact, many of them will not be in the inserts based upon advertisers’ choice.  Last week I bought several papers anticipating some coupons that I saw on the Sunday Coupon Preview website and NOT ONE was in the Green Bay paper!  UGH!  But you CAN get ahold of those coupons if you want.

One place is Whole Coupon Inserts. And no kidding, they sell whole inserts from newspapers that DO have most of the coupons listed on the preview sites.  For example, I looked at the Green Bay Press-Gazette’s insert by Smart Source this past Sunday.  There were 34 coupons inside.  The ones I saw for sale at Whole Coupon Inserts had ALL of the 34 coupons the Press-Gazette had AND an additional 65 coupons!  And that was just one insert.  If there are a bunch of coupons in a particular insert that you anticipate using, this is a great option.

What’s the cost?  Well, that depends on how valuable the coupons you want are to you.  I blogged about it this summer and gave a few examples.  If you are an avid coupon user and take advantage of double-coupon days at Copps/Roundys/Pick-N-Save, then the cost will be minimal.  And if you are going to buy multiple copies of the same insert, the cost drops even further.

Your other option is to pay someone for the coupons you want clipped (It is technically illegal to sell coupons so you are paying someone for their time).  I like My Coupon Hunter.   I tried their subscription service one month and found it AWESOME.  I tried the $10 for 60 coupons option.  Didn’t matter which coupons I picked and I didn’t have to pick them all at once.  As inserts came out each week during the subscription period, I was able to pick and choose the ones I wanted and even ordered some for a friend.  Since the $10 included shipping costs, this was the best choice for me because otherwise I would have had to pay for shipping each week.  There are also other subscription offers but I found this one was more than adequate.  When the month was almost done I just made sure I had totalled 60 coupons so I know I got my full subscription’s worth.

Most of the coupon/insert sites will also have the information and inserts ready for shipping a few days before Sunday, meaning you can place your order and sometimes get your coupons as early as Monday.  Pretty cool!

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2 Comments on Sunday Coupon Inserts

  1. Saving Green in the Bay on Tue, 16th Nov 2010 6:30 pm
  2. I stopped buying my paper at the Dollar Tree because of missing inserts. I would contact the GBPG and they did NOTHING. No. I take that back. They sent me the missing inserts ONCE. Just ONCE.EVERY SINGLE TIME I buy papers at the Dollar Tree, they are missing inserts. So, I just gave up :(

  3. TheBargainSleuth on Tue, 16th Nov 2010 9:18 pm
  4. I still go to Dollar Tree but I make sure to do two things: get there within an hour or two of 9am opening and dig down below the top ten papers or so in the shopping carts and grab a stack of newspapers that are still bundled from the distribution center. Kinda makes you wonder how many people bought papers off the newstand and were missing the GM insert. If most people don't know that there should be one, no one will complain.

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