Copps Double Daze: Make it work for you

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Just thought I’d show you a round-up of my Copps Mega-trip during Double Daze Wednesday night and show you how to work the deals.

First off, here is how Double Daze works at Copps.

  •  Double Daze is Wednesdays and Saturday.
  • Copps will double up to FIVE coupons per transaction
  • $1 maximum face value on doubled coupons (meaning your extra savings will be a maximum of $5.00 off)
  •  Your pre-coupon total per transaction must be $25 in order for coupons to double.  I have actually had totals that came a dollar or two under the $25 threshhold and still had coupons double but the OFFICIAL policy is $25.
  • Coupons that say “Do Not Double” may actually double depending upon the type of coupons and the cashier. (If the bar code starts with a 5,  it will double, if it starts with a 9 it probably will not–but there are exceptions there, too!)

There are currently several deals going on through this Saturday that print something called Catalina Coupons.  These are the bonus coupons that print at the end of a transaction.  One of the deals is for General Mills cereals. Purchase six at regular price and get $10 off at the register, PLUS you’ll get one FREE milk coupon and one FREE egg coupon.  There was a similar deal with Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen (also owned by GM) where if you bought five items in one transaction, you’d get a coupon for FREE 1/2 gallon of ORGANIC milk.  There is also a deal for Con-Agra foods where if you spent $15 on select items, you’d get a $5 coupon off your next shopping order.

When Copps offer these bonus deals, you’ll find me there cuz this is when I do my cereal/snack stockups.  The last time I did this was September.  With the plethora of GM coupons out there, you can easily get your cereal for $1 a box or less by combining the sales with double coupon day.

Since I had a LOT of $1 coupons, I made two trips and did five transactions.  Two transactions in the morning and three in the evening.  That means for my extra time in separating the orders, I “saved” an additional $25 off my grocery bill. (You’ll always see me using quotes with the word “save” because I actually look at the amount I SPENT.)

Receipt #1:
Reg. Price: $72.68 Spent $43.33
“Saved” 29.35 or 40% off

Receipt #2:
Regular Price: $80.67 Spent $47.23
“Saved” $33.44 or $41% off

Receipt #3:
Regular Price $89.50 Spent $45.62
“Saved” $43.88 or 49%

Receipt #4:
Regular Price $76.58 Spent $38.87
“Saved” $37.71 or 49%

Receipt #5:
Reg Price: $56.70 Spent $24.59
“Saved” $32.11 or 56%

Grand Totals:
Regular Price: $376.13 (heart failure!)
Spent: $199.64 and “Saved” 47% off my first shopping trip since January 15th.  If I had not separated the transactions, it would have put another $20 on my out-of-pocket total.

And now I have four FREE milk and FREE egg coupons, too (I gave the four organic milk coupons to a friend).  The only items I NEED to buy in the next few weeks is bread product because I don’t freeze those things.

The hardest part of doing this is organizing your cart and coupons.  If I have two transactions, I try to put items for one transaction in all of my reusable shopping bags; then I can just unload those onto the belt, place my order separator and start my second order.  Doesn’t always work when it involves big cereal boxes but it does help.  And I use envelopes for the coupons for Transaction #1, #2, etc.  I still make mistakes and put the wrong things in the wrong pile on occasion, but it all gets squared away during checkout.

When you’ve been doing things for a while, sometimes you forget to explain the most basic of things. Did I leave out anything?  Any questions or tips for those who are new to this double coupon game? How do you organize things when you do multiple transactions?

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4 Comments on Copps Double Daze: Make it work for you

  1. Anonymous on Thu, 17th Feb 2011 8:15 pm
  2. I shop Rainbow in the Twin Cities. Does Copps also require the use of the Roundy's card for some of the deals such as the GM cereal deal? I've been able to do several cereal deals for the food shelf. When I can buy Cherrios for 33 cents a box, I can help others even though I also am on a tight budget.

  3. TheBargainSleuth on Thu, 17th Feb 2011 9:00 pm
  4. See, that's what I mean about missing the obvious! Technically, yes, you do need a Roundy's card but here's what has happened to me a few times: I use my husband's car and he doesn't have the Roundy's card on his keychain. The cashier asks if I have a card, I say I forgot it and they swipe a generic one to activate the deals. Obviously if you are trying to earn Turkey Perks or some other promotion that goes off the Roundy's card you'd be out of luck in that case.

  5. Anonymous on Thu, 17th Feb 2011 10:52 pm
  6. First, they can do a look-up using your phone number. Second, do you earn fuel perks with your Roundys card? The first of the year they reduced how fast we earn fuel perks (now 5 cents for every $50 spent instead of 10 cents) but they still add up and can be a significant savings at the pump when we redeem them.

  7. TheBargainSleuth on Fri, 18th Feb 2011 7:23 am
  8. I've had other stores look up the card number by using phone number but never at Copps although they probably can. Good point! No fuel perks at our Copps but our Piggly Wiggly stores do that.

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