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I’ve been reorganizing my basement this week.  More precisely, I’m trying to get Little Sam’s Club organized.  One of the only good things about being unemployed for several months was the food stamps, at least for The Bargain Sleuth. Because the amount the state of Wisconsin allotted to my family of six was WAY more than I normally spend in one month for groceries.  So for three months, I still did my sales with match-ups but was able to stock up a LOT more than a “normal” family would.

This isn’t a post about tooting my own horn but about paying it forward.  Right before I started burning up the food stamp card, I knew I could really stretch that money not only for my family but for others.  I made an SUV-sized donation to Paul’s Pantry because I knew I’d need the room.  And boy was I right.

I bought a lot of stuff for mere pennies after matching up coupons and sales.  I stocked up on many things. And with all the extra I was able to buy with my larger budget, I can make another huge donation to my kids’ school because they are doing a food drive.  The 2nd grade class at St. Joseph School wants to collect 200 canned or boxed items this week.  LOL, I think they set their sights too low with The Bargain Sleuth as one of the 2nd grade Moms. I’ve got a truckload of stuff for them. :-) Pay it forward.

This past week as I shopped, I had several people in line behind me at the checkout do a “Wow, you did great!” after seeing my totals go down after discounts and coupons.  I also ran into a lady at Target who was going to buy Finish dishwasher detergent because she needed some, not because it was on sale last week, not because there is a coupon AND a manufacturer’s coupon out there making it FREE.  I gave her my coupons and my business card when she said she really needed to pay more attention to sales to try and save money.  Pay it forward, people.

If you know how to play the couponing/stockpiling “game”, then you’re also able to not only stretch your budget but help others as well.  Many of the money-saving bloggers like myself started because they wanted to show others how to stretch the budget and help others at the same time.  Pay it forward.

While we will eat many of the things in the stockpile, I know that I’ll be pulling stuff out for donations as the months go on. I also know that the food pantries are always in need and the Stamp Out for Hunger is in May.  Just something to keep in mind as you find the deals.  No matter how tough your situation, you can always find a way to pay it forward.

Didn’t mean to get on my soapbox.  Must have been a really good homily today. :-)

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