Behr paint rebate $5 per gallon or $20 off 5-gallon

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There’s a 3-day weekend coming up in our house, and that means I make my husband paint a room!  What started out as coincidence has now turned into a tradition.  Why do we pick long weekends?  Because there are always rebates for our favorite type of paint: Home Depot’s Behr.

Right now you can download and print a rebate for Behr paint.  You can get $5 off ALL one-gallon paints and $20 off a 5-gallon pail.  This offer is good on all purchases made by May 30th.

We’ve tried other big name brands of paint and they simply did not perform as well as Behr.   After the kitchen project, our next job is redoing the master bathroom cuz the color has literally bled and faded anytime water splashes onto the wall.  That room was NOT Behr paint.

This time out is a biggie: painting not only the kitchen ceiling and walls, but the already painted cabinets.  Since our house is a living rainbow of colors, I decided the kitchen should be no different.  We do intend to remodel some day so painting everything is an inexpensive fix to a dark and dreary kitchen.

My inspiration happens to be my grape-colored KitchenAid stand mixer and Turquoise Cuisinart food processor. Home Depot sells sample colors for $2.95 which cover a 4×6 area.  I decided to test the colors this week to see if I really wanted to be so bold.  I really do like it!  It’s only paint, after all, and if I do get sick of it, well, there are plenty of 3-day weekends in the future!

*Believe it or not, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just really like Behr paint!
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