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Hallelujah!  Green Bay area Copps stores have now POSTED in their stores a calendar which tells us which days will be Double Double Daze, when the store will double up to TEN $1 or less coupons with a $25 purchase.

Here’s the rundown of Double Double Daze:
Saturday May 28th
Saturday June 4th
Wednesday June 8th
Saturday June 11th
Saturday June 25th

Every Wednesday and Saturday not listed above is standard Double Daze where they will double up to 5 $1 or less coupons per $25 purchase.

Want to see what’s on sale?  Check out my Grocery Store sale rundown which features Pocket Your Dollars Copps match-ups.

The past month has been very frustrating because of the last-minute decisions to offer Double Double, not just for us but for the workers at Copps, too! The manager I spoke with today said they were BEGGING Copps corporate for something in print and they finally got the calendar which is located near the front of the store.  Interesting to note that as of this writing the Copps website does not reflect this weekend’s Double Double.

If you have not jumped on the Double Daze bandwagon yet, see how it can work for you in a post I wrote last fall.

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5 Comments on Copps: Double Double Daze Dates posted in-store

  1. Heather on Tue, 24th May 2011 12:02 pm
  2. do you know if Copps will do double double tomorrow?

  3. The Bargain Sleuth on Tue, 24th May 2011 12:04 pm
  4. No, but as the post states, they will be doing it this Saturday if you can wait a few more days. :-)

  5. Becky on Thu, 2nd Jun 2011 11:23 pm
  6. Is this the only grocery store on green Bay that double coupons? My son is starting college there and hoping to show him how to save $.

  7. The Bargain Sleuth on Fri, 3rd Jun 2011 6:24 am
  8. Yes, Copps is the only one that doubles at this time. The other grocers have their strengths, too, even if they don’t double coupons. Woodmans is great for non-perishable items; the only problem is that they seldom put out a sale flyer so you don’t know prices until you get into the store. Generally speaking they are lower than the other grocery stores, though. Festival is a good place to shop if you shop their ads. Piggly Wiggly, at least Olsen’s in Suamico, has an awesome meat department and their one-day meat sale is a good opportunity to stock up. And I’ve heard that Aldi has good prices on produce.

    Every Sunday I post sales and coupon match-ups for Festival. I also post a round-up of all the local grocers sales with links to other sites that compile the lists.

  9. Becky on Fri, 3rd Jun 2011 10:40 pm
  10. Thanks Bargain Sleuth!

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