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Have you heard of House Party? It’s one of the consumer product testing sites that I signed up for many moons ago. You might be interested because you can get free products, coupons and lots of neat promotional items when you are picked to host a House Party.  What could be better than sharing free stuff with your friends in a party atmosphere?

I’ve had the pleasure of hosting 3 House Parties within the past year:  Nilla Wafers/Maxwell House International Coffees, Gerber Toddler foods, Pampers Pull-Ups and I also went to a friend’s Shutterfly House Party.  I had a great time at all of them.  And even though I had guests and gave them goodie bags full of stuff House Party sent me, I still had a LOT of leftovers, too.

Right now there are some cool parties I would love to host including a Ball Canning one but probably won’t get picked because I answered truthfully, I preserve foods a lot.  I’m guessing they are looking for people who have little or no experience canning.

But that’s all right–today I was selected for Sauza Tequila’s House Party +21 Summer Sauza-Rita Party.  Can’t wait!

By now you’re probably wondering how does it work?

Register at House Party under “Join Now”.

Fill Out applications under “View Events”.
Browse the parties listed and apply online to host the ones that you’d like to host.  There will be a lot of demographic information questions first, then questions that are specific to the party you are applying to host.  The good thing is once you’ve applied to one House Party, most of that demographic information is saved and you just verify it for the next party you want to host.

Confirm your application!
After you submit an application to host a party, you will receive an email. You will need to click the link to confirm that yes, you do want to host that particular party.

Check your email/Facebook on the date selections are announced.
When you apply to host a party, you will be given a date in which to keep an eye on your email or Facebook; this is the day they select hosts.  Usually the date is 3-4 weeks before the party.  More often than not, I see the posts on the House Party Facebook page.  It will say something like “Host selection for the Cool Widget House Party just started! Sign in now to check your application status on your Dashboard.”

Only 1,000 party slots are available per party and just because you receive an email does not automatically mean you’ll host a party. Because the invite is sent to thousands of House Party applicants that meet the same criteria as you. I’ve missed out on House Parties because I forgot to check my email that particular day.

But don’t fret if you don’t get chosen right away. I belonged to House Party for over a year before I got chosen for my first party.  Then again, my friend got chosen for her first House Party after six weeks!

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