Taking Out the Trash: Reader Input Edition

May 23, 2011 by
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I had a popular post on my other site called Taking Out the Trash where I mentioned a few things that weren’t necessarily deals or info, but thoughts I had on a variety of consumer and money-related subjects.  And now that Green Bay Consumer is officially one month old, I thought it was time to dump all that trash out of my head and onto the blog again. :-)

  • I try to bring you the best deals in the Green Bay area mixed in with free or cheap events, consumer news and a few online deals, too.  What are your favorite posts?  If there anything else you’d like to see on the site?  Are there any things you don’t like? One way to help out is to use that “like” button on a particular post, or you can leave a comment here, on the Green Bay Consumer Facebook page or by using the Contact Me form.

The reason I ask is because sometimes I am surprised at what turns out to be popular post; other times I expect a post to get a lot of visits and will hardly get any traffic at all.

Most days I don’t even get to post everything I’d like, but I also don’t want to do Blog Spam, either.  With summer fast approaching and full-time Mom duties close at hand, I know I won’t be on the computer as much.  So I have to be even more selective of what I post.  But I do want to remain relevant to you, the readers.

  • I want to thank all the fans of The Bargain Sleuth who followed me over to the new website.  You’re a great bunch and I’m happy to see that we retained most of our fans, either through Facebook, RSS feed or daily email digest.  If you know of someone who hasn’t made the switch, please remind them–no one should miss out on a good deal!
  • Which reminds me, If you haven’t done so, I encourage you to go to the home page of  Green Bay Consumer and sign up for the daily email digest of all my posts.  I do love Facebook but with all it’s quirks and constant changes, I know posts get lost on a person’s news status feed.   You also have the option of subscribing to an RSS feed, too.
  • My husband is unaware, but while he is in San Francisco this week (and no, he doesn’t read my posts every day), I am doing as much painting in the kitchen as I can before he gets home on Saturday.   So things may start getting Green Bay Consumer “light” sooner than I thought.  Just a reminder that Home Depot has a great paint rebate going on right now and for the one-gallon cans, there does not appear to be a limit.
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