Rules to Shop by: Edition 5

May 25, 2011 by
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“I don’t know where to start” is a phrase I often hear when people talk to me about couponing.  So many in fact that I thought I’d share some of my rules in a series of posts called Rules to Live Shop By.  Today is my final edition.  In case you missed the earlier editions, you can check the most recent edition here.

  1. Think about starting a “gift” closet. When you see an item on super-clearance (like a toy), you can put it in the closet. If your kids don’t like that particular type of toy, consider it for gifts for all those birthday parties they’re invited to over the course of the year. You can also think ahead to Christmas and buy it for a program like Toys for Tots.
  2. Put out the word! If you need or want a particular item, ask around if you can borrow it or if someone has seen an item on sale. The year I decided to buy my son a Thomas the Tank wooden train set I asked friends and family to keep their eyes open. Quite literally that day a friend had been in Tuesday Morning (a TJ Maxx-like store) where she saw a bunch of Thomas items.
  3. Shop ahead for kids clothing. The last thing I want is to have to buy a pair of jeans when they aren’t on sale, or a short-sleeve shirt for vacation when everything in the stores is long-sleeve.
  4. Make friends with the staff at your favorite stores. One clothing store I frequent will call loyal customers when they have an unadvertised sale. I recently got first pick of all the stuff they had heavily discounted and bought a bunch of clothes for my older kids for 85-90% off the MSRP.

These are just a few Rules to Live Shop By that I try to follow. What are some of your rules?

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