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I have a gift. My friends and I have dubbed it Thrift Store Karma. I always seem to stumble upon items I’ve put on my wish list

For example, a few years ago, when I first started my money-saving site, I mentioned my decision to save up and buy a Soda Stream soda maker.  After reading and researching, I decided it would be a good investment at nearly $100. Then poof! The next week I was in Goodwill and found one, in the box, with the CO tank and bottles–for $30.  Thrift Store Karma.

Five years ago we had a bunch of weddings to attend. Several months prior, I stumbled upon this fancy yet still simple dress from The Children’s Place.  It was perfect for the occasion and I also thought my blonde-haired blue-eyed daughter looked beautiful in it so it was worn for her 3rd birthday pictures.  I also bought it second-hand so it only cost me $5.00!

Flash forward to this week when I was ready to get pictures taken of my middle daughter.  Just a day or two before the pictures, I still hadn’t decided what she was going to wear; I thought about the blue dress which I had stashed away.  But my demon toddler was the exact opposite coloring of her older sister.  Light blue just didn’t look right or capture her UBER-vibrant personality.

I ran some errands on Sunday and pondered what I was going to do.  Gee, I wished, if only that dress were in a different color.  I had an extra ten minutes so I stopped at Once Upon a Child on my way home.

Guess what I found?  The exact same dress, in the correct size, but in lime green which looks fabulous on my brunette!  What are the odds?  I mean, by now that dress was at least six years old–who would’ve decided to sell it to OUAC right before I impulsively decided to stop in?  Astronomical odds.

As you can see by our visit to Target Portrait studio yesterday, the pictures of the demon toddler turned out great and mimic but don’t completely copy the ones taken of my oldest daughter.

Thrift store karma–it’s a gift!

Of course, this karma never applies to the roll top desk with a hidden drawer full of money…

Do you have any thrift store karma stories where what you needed just magically was there for you when you were looking for it?

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3 Comments on Thrift Store Karma

  1. Denise on Tue, 3rd May 2011 8:23 am
  2. About three years ago I was looking at having to purchase new uniform jumpers for my daughter and these are $40 each because they are custom made. One day I was at Goodwill and lo and behold there was the exact pattern of plaid uniform jumper that they wear at my daughters school in her size. Even better yet it was the right tag color to be the half price sticker of the day so I ended up paying $1.99 for a $40 custom made uniform jumper!

  3. The Bargain Sleuth on Tue, 3rd May 2011 8:31 am
  4. Sweet–I just love when stuff like that happens!

  5. Sarah on Fri, 27th Apr 2012 5:37 pm
  6. I’d like that roll top, too. Unfortunately, I guess I’m never buying roll tops, so I guess it just ain’t gonna happen!

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