Coupon “buying” becomes a big deal!

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A couple of days ago I noticed that some pretty big coupon service sites weren’t processing new orders. I dug around the internet and found some interesting information.

So I wrote an article about the future of buying coupons and inserts from services and from places like eBay. It’s a subject I’ve mentioned before here at Green Bay Consumer.

And then a funny thing happened.  My story got posted by one blogger who follows this site, then another, then another.  It got posted on some very popular couponing discussion boards, sites and blogs, many of which I had never heard of.  In short, my little post went viral.

Wow! All of a sudden the entire couponing community had it’s eyes turned to me as The Oracle on this story! Gulp.

My journalism training kicked in and I wanted to do a follow-up story.  All my internet research turned up very little beyond the speculation I presented.  And I wanted answers, so I wrote to Jill Cataldo, an author, teacher and more importantly, a coupon industry consultant.

You may remember that  Jill’s the one who dissected TLC’s Extreme Couponing when it appeared one of couponers was committing fraud. In short, Jill’s the expert I wanted and needed to talk to.

Jill replied almost immediately that she was working on a piece that began in April of this year when she attended a conference for the Association for Coupon Professionals:

“At the conference, the CiC (Coupon Information Corporation) gave a presentation where they said they are focusing hard on sellers this year… and that ultimately, they would like to shut them all down. They do consider ANY coupons sold to be void at that point.”

Jill just wrote a great piece on how manufacturers are looking to end the buying and selling of coupons.  You can read that article here. And while I bust on TLC’s Extreme Couponing for making life more difficult for “Normal Couponing”, this is something the industry as a whole has been working on for some time.

Whether we like it or not.  Growing pains are just that, aren’t they?

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4 Comments on Coupon “buying” becomes a big deal!

  1. foundthis on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 10:41 am
  2. I found this information regarding inserts on another blog:
    ShelfClearers procuring large quantities of coupon inserts,
    for free, is where the shelf clearing starts. Stand up and do something!!!!!!

    Illegal acquisition of coupon inserts must be stopped.
    Please call and report these issues to :

    News America Marketing (distributes Smart Source)

    Valassis (distributes Red Plum) 800.437.0479

    CIC Coupon Information Corporation (703) 684-5307

    Don’t forget to contact P&G , local newspaper offices,
    store managers and district managers.
    Write the board of directors! The shelf clearers do!

    We have to report newspaper carriers who are selling inserts
    and the inside staff. Those coupons are supposed to be under lock and key. Very
    few have access to them.
    It’s not that hard to track.

    1,000 perfect inserts don’t show up in a dumpster each week
    per shelf clearer.
    Just look on any city CraigsList and see all the sob stories from begging shelf clearers. They never mention that they sell them or use them to clear and then resell that free merchandise at flea markets. Some offer cash and trades of sports tickets to the carriers? Cash and sports tickets, the gas to go around chasing free coupons, but they are poor hmmmmmmmmmmm???

    Please do your homework and report.

    People steel peelies and then other couponers run and buy the stolen
    items from the thief ON EBAY.
Hey which spelling is correct anyways?
    Peeliesteelers or peeliestealers

    Same thing with tear pad thieves. The take whole tearpads, sell
    them on Ebay and people go PAY for this stolen item.

    Newspaper carriers, newspaper staff, and others steal coupons
    then sell them through clipping services. This is illegal and starts the fraud
    ball rolling.

    It always amazes me that people complain about not getting their
    coupons in their paper but then are the first to say go to the crook
    wholesalers to get them guaranteed.
Nothing like a crook with a guarantee I

    Where do you think coupon sellers, coupon clippers, ebay coupon
    sellers get their coupons????

  3. foundthis on Sat, 18th Jun 2011 10:44 am
  4. I also learned that women with no children join mommy groups to beg for formula checks to sell on Ebay. They also steal coupons from unsold retail magazines to sell. The literally cut the coupon out and leave the magazine on the shelf.

  5. Nicole on Thu, 23rd Jun 2011 8:36 am
  6. I hope they are stopped. I recently have had to go out to my driveway to pick up my Sunday paper b/c it keeps being stolen. Scum.

  7. Tammy on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 3:43 pm
  8. You know why I think this is internet rumor and exagerations? First if they were shutting down all clipping sites it makes no sense to shut down just half of coupons by dede???? I mean if they were they reason she stopped selling inserts why not at the same time stop her from selling clipped coupons. I bet it was an innocent reason as to why she stopped selling inserts.

    Second all these businesses pay taxes and have business licenses. If it’s illegal all the CIC has to do is make a few phone calls. bam licenses are pulled and they are shut down.

    Ebay is so particular about stuff it it was truly illegal they would not allow it. Pleeeaaasseeee.

    Coupons by Dede quit selling inserts probably (I’m specualting) the paper she got the inserts from got in trouble for giving out the left over inserts (which is true they are under contract to not do that) then Jill Cataldo ran with it, which I like her but she makes stuff up as she goes and then this site goes with.

    OH the other reason why this is internet rumor is notice they say ‘coupons by Dede and other major clipping sites’ but I can’t find a single other major or minor clipping site that has stopped selling inserts??????????????????????????

    It just takes a few minutes of thinking this through to realize it is internet hype…

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