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June 23, 2011 by
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In the past few weeks I’ve mentioned some sites that I belong to where I can be a part of a manufacturer’s product testing.  Bzz Agent, Vocalpoint, CrowdTap and House Party are just a few I belong to.  There’s another consumer product testing panel you may be interested in joining.  It’s called Pssst by General Mills.  What is the site trying to accomplish?

. “Pssst…is another way for General Mills to reach out to consumers and tap them for input on our newest product launches. We want Pssst…members’ honest opinions, and we hope they’ll help spread the word to family and friends when they discover various products they like.”

You frequently get opportunities to print coupons– right now I can print some Green Giant and some Yoplait ones and have the chance of emailing my friends a link, too.

As part of the Pssst… advisory panel, I was able to host a My Get Together Moderation Nation event sponsored by Hershey, too.  I got a couple bags of those new Hershey’s Drops and a bunch of coupons to give to friends (I had so many leftover I dropped them in the coupon bin at Brown County Southwest Library’s coupon bin).  The program was a way to show how chocolate, in moderation, can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for another place to provide feedback to companies AND a chance at getting to sample new products, check out Pssst…

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