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I had a friend comment the other day that “I get frustrated coupon-ing, because we eat so “twigs and berries”.  And she’s right–sort of.  It is true that many coupons are for processed foods.  But the good news is that there are also more organic and healthier food choice coupons out there, too.  (If you’d like to see the article that elicited my friend’s response, click here. I LOVED it.)

So I thought it was time to mention some of my favorite organic and “healthy” food deals and coupon sites.  Rena, this one’s for you!

Sign up for Driscoll’s Berries on Facebook and get a $.50 coupon.  You can skip the sweepstakes if you want and just hit the “Rewards” tab on the left hand side of their FB page.  Although now, I’d rather pick my own berries that weren’t shipped a gazillion miles from the source.  But I know not everyone likes doing that.

Mambo Sprouts.  Not only does Mambo Sprouts focus on natural and organic  products, they also feature many printable coupons for those brands like Newman’s Own, RW Knudson and Organic Valley.

Organic Deals is an awesome blog that does a great job highlighting the organic deals available on any given day, they have a list of which organic companies are offering printable coupons.

The Thrifty Mama did a similar posting.

Festival Foods features a quarterly Healthy Clippings coupon booklet in their Natural Foods department.  The coupons are not specific to Festival and are manufacturers coupons so they can be used anywhere.  That, however, does not give you or anyone else license to take 20 booklets!  Many people take the coupons they would like from the booklet and leave the rest–I prefer that idea!

Let’s not forget that Farmers Market season is upon us. Many of the sellers now have signs stating whether their produce was organically grown and their prices are usually pretty good, too.  Especially for items that just came out of the ground/off the vine, etc that morning.

Big Lots often carries organic pantry items.  Their cereals can run as low as $2 a box which is chump change in the organic world.

And last but not least, never ever overlook Amazon.com! They usually have GREAT deals on organics but you do have to buy more than one item at a time. I bought Bob’s Red Mill 7-grain pancake mix for $2.46 a bag and I know Woodmans is about $4 last I checked.  And Garden of Eatin Tortilla Chips–$1 a bag.

There you have it–coupon resources for the “twigs and berries” crowd!

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  1. rena on Wed, 22nd Jun 2011 8:38 pm
  2. Yeah for twigs and berries! :)

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