Toys R Us Crayola Buy One Get TWO FREE: Hot or Not?

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I mentioned it on Facebook the other night that Toys R Us had what looked to be a good sale on select Crayola products.  Buy one item, Get TWO FREE.  Wow, excellent, right?  That all depends upon how much they are charging for that first item.

Today several bloggers I follow mentioned the fabulous deal on the smaller packs of construction paper and how you could get 3 packs for $.93 cents each; that is actually the going rate at Target and Office Depot this week, too.

I decided to go to the Green Bay Toys R Us to check out the prices on some of the other items; I discovered an even better deal as well as some not-so-good ones.

I priced items that were included in the B1G2 sale:

  • 8 count markers $3.99 (meaning $1.33 each) Wal-Mart, Target and KMart have them for $1.00 this week.
  • 24 crayons$1.29 ($.43 each) on sale at KMart for $.25; regular price at Target and Wal-Mart is $.40.
  • **12 colored pencils $2.59 ($.87 each) on sale at Wal-Mart for $.93 cents this week
  • 96 count Construction paper $2.79 ($.93 each)
  • **240 count construction paper $5.99 ($1.99 each)

I’m not sure if the other bloggers didn’t have the larger construction packs at their stores, but if you do the math, the bigger packs are a better deal.   $.008 a sheet versus $.009 cents.   I know it doesn’t seem like much but if you’re buying any sort of quantity, it does add up.  $2.79 for 288 sheets  (96 x 3)or $1.99 for the equivalent 240 sheets (1 pack).  Do you want to pay 80 cents for 48 more sheets of paper?  Of course, if you don’t need 720 sheets of paper like I do ( I think I’m set for a few years even with four kids using it up), then the smaller packs might be all right for you.  But as I mentioned, you can get those sized packs at other stores for the same price.

This is not to say that NONE of the Toys R Us deals are bad this week, just be aware of prices as you shop around and don’t always assume that a BOGO deal, or in this case, a B1G2 FREE deal really is a deal.

**The two actual deals I found.

To see all of the Toys R Us deals this week, click here.

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2 Comments on Toys R Us Crayola Buy One Get TWO FREE: Hot or Not?

  1. Candi K on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 9:35 pm
  2. Would you happen to know if the $1 Crayola 8ct markers at WalMart, Target, and KMart include the washable ones? When I checked non-sale prices last week the washable markers cost about a dollar more than the regular ones. Thanks!

  3. The Bargain Sleuth on Thu, 21st Jul 2011 3:50 pm
  4. Candi, I didn’t notice the price on the washables, but I do know that Shopko has washables on sale for $1.49/8pack.

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