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You have no idea how much I’d like a Kindle 3. That’s saying something. This is coming from someone who used to resist listening to audio books when they first put them on cassette a gazillion years ago. Let’s just say I’m a convert!

Bzz Agent, the word-of-mouth marketing company I’ve mentioned before, is offering select Bzz Agents Kindle 3s. And I really really really want in on this one!

I may even attempt a backflip if I get in. (Well, with my bad hips, I’ll have to pass, but I’d be doing a hundred MENTAL backflips if I get it).  Even the Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel inserts they gave me to test can’t completely solve the hip problems– but it certainly does help a little.

You know how much I love my  Why wouldn’t I want a Kindle 3? Yeah, exactly.  I do.  Imagine me as the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz.  Instead of saying “I do believe in spooks,” I’m saying, “I do want a Kindle 3, I do, I do I do, I do want a Kindle 3.”

This is the same Word-of-mouth marketing company that gave me a Sonicare toothbrush among other things.  I think of Bzz Agent twice a day because I’m still using the product five years later.  And if I got the Kindle, I’d be thinking about them every time I use it to read.  And I read a lot.  Know what my sweatshirt says today?  “So many books, so little time.”  If that isn’t a sign I should get this campaign, I don’t know what is.

My son says we don’t need to go to the library because our formal dining room is actually “Mommy’s Library.”  Quite frankly, the Kindle would free up an entire room in my house.  With four kids, I need all the space I can get!

Bzz is starting these new daily campaigns.  Tomorrow they’ll be offering Mio Liquid Water enhancer and next Tuesday they’ll be offering the Cuisinart Smart Stick.  Gotta warm up the computer seat; these would be awesome campaigns to join if I’m offered.

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