Bzz Agent report: Werthers Caramels + coupon

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I am not the world’s biggest chocolate fan, but give me caramels and I am good to go. And one of the best caramel-flavored candies is Werthers. Remember the commercial with the grandpa in the sweater sharing a candy with his grandson?  Loved those commercials and have always loved Werthers original hard candy.

Recently I joined a Bzz Agent campaign to try the new Werther’s products. Bzz Agent is the word-of-mouth marketing company with which I have been a member for many years. I recently told you about my Dr. Scholl’s campaign and am currently also testing the Scrubbing Bubbles Hands Free Toilet Bowl Cleaning System. (I’ll be writing more about that product in a few weeks).

I received three different bags: Werthers Caramel Chocolates, Werthers Creamy Caramel-Filled Candies and Werthers Chewy Caramels.

The caramel chocolates were all right. Instead of a chewy center inside the chocolate it was more gooey liquid (think the consistency of the liquid in a chocolate-covered cherry.) I don’t like super-soft or liquid centers and quite frankly, these chocolates tasted like anything else I could buy in the store like Russell Stover or Hershey’s Pot O Gold. I also didn’t notice the buttery Werthers caramel taste that is their trademark. If it was there, it was hidden by the chocolate.

The Chewy Caramel centered hard candy was so much better. It’s the familiar Werthers taste but with a chewy caramel center. I like the size of the candies, slightly smaller than a regular Werthers, and because of that, the caramel center wasn’t a big gooey mess. I loved these.

But nothing can compare to the Werther’s Chewy Caramels. The taste is just like a Werther’s candy or homemade caramels, but consistency is much like Brach’s or Kraft caramels.  LOVE LOVE LOVE them. The. Perfect. Candy. For me, anyway.

You can get a Werther’s coupon for $1/2 bags on their Facebook page so you can try their yummy new products, too.  Or wait for the Sunday paper; there will be a $1/2 coupon in inserts as well!

So there you have it.  My $.02 on Werthers new caramel-flavored products.  Have you tried any of them?

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