KMart Kids Birthday Club: A Review

October 25, 2011 by
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Birthday ClubOne year ago I told people about the KMart Birthday Club and now I regret it.  I had just signed up my kids via an online form.

According to their website, when you sign up for the KMart Birthday Club, you are to receive:

  • $5 Birthday bucks
  • Birthday Crown
  • Happy Birthday certificate
  • Birthday Fun Pack

The only thing I’ve ever received from KMart is emails with gift ideas for Child X about a month before their birthday.  The last time I got one of these emails, I contacted KMart customer service to inquire when/how my kids were to get these freebies that were promised when I joined the Birthday Club online.  The response I got was that I needed to contact the store where I signed up.

?? Apparently they didn’t actually read my email because I stated that I signed up for the club online.  Maybe that was the problem?  I contacted Kmart again and explained that I did not sign up in-store but rather signed up with their handy online form.

I never got a return email.  So I emailed again.  And again nothing.  None of my kids has ever gotten their Birthday Club pack, either.  However, I still receive those emails from KMart telling me which toys they are selling and would be a good idea for Kid X’s birthday.

Can you say UNSUBSCRIBE?

Not my first bad experience with Kmart and probably not my last but certainly adds to the reason I don’t shop the store that often!

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