Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets Part 3: Aggregate sites bring the deals to you

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In this latest edition of Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets, I thought I’d show you where you can find the best deals on the items you’re searching for this Christmas season without having to rely upon a money-saving site, not even this one!

Why am I showing you the tricks of the trade?  During the holiday season, people are looking for so many different items and deals, it’s hard to keep up. Heck, during the non-holiday shopping season, there aren’t enough hours in the day to tell you about everything!

But let’s face it, even if I did have the time to sit on the computer all day long and give you the deals as they roll in, who would want to live like that?  Green Bay Consumer is only a part of my life.  Besides, something I think is a hot deal may not be that interesting to you. That’s why I’m giving you the information on where you can go to find the deals. You can choose what, if anything, you want to do with it.

Last year I literally scoured Amazon and other company websites to find the deals on my own. Then I started wondering why and how all the bigger money-saving blogs all mentioned the same deals (some of which came a day or two after I had literally scrounged them up myself). That’s when I discovered something called aggregate sites that search the web for you and tell you the hottest deals around.

Here are some of the sites I use to find the deals scorching up the internet.

Deal Catcher: This site combs over Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg,, eBay, some of the major department stores and more.  You can subscribe to deal alerts by entering key words. If you’re interested in any toy deals, just enter Toys. If you’re looking for something specific, enter LEGO or American Girl into the parameters and enter the email address where you want the information sent. I use the RSS Feed and love it.  They are also on Twitter, too

Slick Deals is a discussion board-based website I’ve used for years.  They also have a section for Hot Deals and you can subscribe to updates for a variety of topics as well.  They also have a Twitter feed.

Deal News: similar to the other two sites with all the same options  Of course I’m going to mention my favorite online retailer!  When you’re on the Amazon website, go to their Gold Box deal of the day.  Above the Lightning Deals, you’ll see “Stay connected via email….”  It looks like this:

Use the drop-down arrow and choose how you want to get information from Amazon.

There you have it.  That and a few other Favorite Sites are all I use to find online deals.  And you know what?  I  haven’t missed a major deal since I started doing this!

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