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You’ve seen me mention a million times that coupons available in inserts are regional.    I always suggest you check Sunday Coupon Preview to decide if you’re going to buy a newspaper, but it can be frustrating not knowing what specific coupons are in our newspaper.  And regional coupons do not show up at all on the Preview sites.  So I thought I’d break it down and show you what’s in the Green Bay Press Gazette’s inserts.

*regional coupons

Smart Source (two inserts)

Aleve Save $1/1 product 20ct+ excludes D (3/31/12)
Aleve-D Save $2/1 product (3/31/12)
Alka-Seltzer Save $2/1 regular or Plus product 10ct+ (3/31/12)
Bayer Save $1/1 Aspirin 32ct+ (3/31/12)
Bayer Save $1.50/1 Advanced Aspirin 20ct+ (3/31/12)
Campbell’s Save $.50/2 Healthy Request Chunk or Select Harvest soups (2/12/12)
Campbell’s Save $.50/3 Healthy Request condensed soups (2/12/12)
Campho-Phenique Save $1/1 product (3/31/12)
Citracal Save $2/1 product (3/31/12)
Easy-Off Save $.50/1 cooktop or barbecue grill cleaner (2/25/12)
Easy-Off Save $.50/1 oven cleaner (2/25/12)
*Egg Beaters product $.35/1 exp. 02/05/2012
Flintstones Save $2/1 multivitamin product (2/28/12)
Glass Plus Save $.35/1 (2/25/12)
*Healthy Choice Soups (Micro Bowl or Can) $1.00/3 exp.02/05/2012

Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Flexall Save $1/1 (3/31/12)
Kleenex Save $.50/1 50ct+ Cool Touch ets (1/29/12)
Kleenex Save $.50/3 50ct+ boxes or Save $.50/1 bundle pack ets (1/29/12)
*Lime-A-Way Save $.50/1 cleaner (2/25/12)
Lysol Save $1/1 disinfectant spray 12oz+ (1/31/12)
Lysol Save $1/1 Neutra Air fabric mist or Neutra Air aerosol can (1/31/12)
Lysol Save $1/2 bathroom, all purpose or kitchen cleaners (1/31/12)
Lysol Save $1/2 disinfecting wipes (1/31/12)
Lysol Save $1/2 toilet bowl cleaners or No Mess Automatic toilet bowl cleaners (1/31/12)
Lysol Save $3/1 No-Touch hand soap system starter kit (1/31/12)
Mop & Glo Save $.50/1 product (2/25/12)
Nature Made Save $1/1 B vitamin (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $1/1 mineral (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $1/1 Prenatal or multi vitamin (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $1/1 product (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $1/1 vitamin D (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $2/1 fish oil (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $2/1 Triple Probiotic (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $3/2 products (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $5/1 CoQ10 (2/1/12)
Nature Made Save $5/1 TripleFlex (2/1/12)
Neo-Synephrine Save $1/1 product (3/31/12)
Old English Save $1/1 product (2/25/12)
One A Day Save $2/1 12ct+ (3/31/12)
Pepsi Save $2/2 multi-pack plastic bottles or 7.5oz 8pk mini cans of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist (1/21/12)
Phillips’ Save $2/1 product (3/31/12)
Purina Save $1/1 ALPO Come & Get it! (2/13/12) (2 coupons)
*Sargento Save $.40/1 Natural Cheese snack (2/12/12)
Selsun Blue Save $1/1 product ets (3/31/12)
Similasan Save $2/1 Kids Cough Relief, Kids Cold & Mucus Relief, Irritated Eye Relief or Dry Eye Relief (3/31/12)
*Sweet and Low 100 ct (3.5 oz) or larger $.50/1 exp. 02/29/2012
Tostitos Save $.55/1 dip 14.75oz+ wyb 1 tortilla chips bag 9oz+ (1/21/12)
UP2U Save $1/1 multipack dnd (3/1/12)
UP2U Save $1/1 pack dnd (3/1/12)
*UP2U Save $.55/1 bottle 15 pc or larger dnd exp. 03/01/2012
V8 Save $.75/1 100% vegetable juice 5.5oz or 11.5oz can 6pk (2/12/12)
V8 Save $.75/2 100% vegetable juice 46oz+ (2/12/12)
*Zegerid OTC $2.00 off any exp. 02/19/2012
*Zegerid $6.00 off 42-count exp. 02/19/2012

Red Plum

ALL Save $1/1 laundry detergent 28 load+ (2/12/12)
Caltrate Save $2/1 product (2/26/12)
Centrum Save $3/1 Centrum or Centrum Specialist multivitamin (2/26/12)
Centrum Save $5/1 ProNutrients (2/26/12)
Dimetapp Save $1/1 Children’s product (2/12/12)
Disney/Marvel Save $1/1 vitamin 60ct+ (2/14/12)
Ester-C Save $2/1 tablet, gummy or powder item (2/14/12)
Flex-a-min Save $5/1 product (2/14/12)
Hefty Save $1/1 waste bags (3/31/12)
*Hills Science Diet Light Cat or Dorg Food $3.00/1 02/04/2012
Nature’s Bounty Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement (2/14/12)
Nature’s Bounty Save $2/1 hair skin and nails supplement (2/14/12)
Nature’s Bounty Save $3/1 Co Q-10 supplement (2/14/12)
Nicorette Save $15/1 NicoDerm CQ 14ct+, Nicorette Gum 100ct+, Nicorette Lozenge 72ct+ or Nicorette mini Lozenge 81ct (2/12/12)
Osteo Bi-Flex Save $7/1 caplet, softgel or powder (2/14/12)
Robitussin Save $1/1 product (2/25/12)
Sensodyne Save $1/1 Sensodyne or ProNamel product excludes .8oz (2/29/12)
Sensodyne Save $2.50/2 products excludes .8oz (2/29/12)
Sundown Naturals Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement (2/14/12)
Sundown Naturals Save $2/1 120ct+ (2/14/12)

P&G Brand Saver

I didn’t go over it thoroughly, but knowing that Procter and Gamble has very few differences in their inserts, check Sunday Coupon Preview. If you see any differences (usually it’s just the amount off), please let me know and I’ll note it here!

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2 Comments on Green Bay Coupon Inserts for 01/01/2012

  1. Sandy W on Sat, 7th Jan 2012 9:24 pm
  2. I’ve been looking for the pepsi coupon in Sunday’s paper, do you kknow a website I can find this coupon? Or what libaries did you say have the coupon exchange? I tried many sites and they say they have it and there’s nothing.

  3. The Bargain Sleuth on Sun, 8th Jan 2012 3:08 pm
  4. Brown County East and Southwest branches have the coupon exchanges. I’m guessing if you go to a site and they don’t have it to buy it’s because they sold out! As I’m sure you know, Pepsi coupons are rare!

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