Sunday Coupon Preview: January 8th

January 7, 2012 by
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Want to know what coupon inserts could be in Sunday’s newspaper?  Don’t forget to check Sunday Coupon Preview.  2 Smartsource,  RedPlum, General Mills, Target Johnson & Johnson and 1 a small Walmart insert.  But remember,  coupon inserts can vary by region and by  newspaper; the list of coupons is a guideline, not a Bible.   Many times our local paper has thinner inserts and/or don’t offer some inserts to non-subscribers.

I’m going to predict that the Target insert is not going to be in our papers.  We never get the Target store coupons in print.  However, I know that because I’ve said this, I could be proven wrong.  And usually we can print those coupons off the website at some point in the next week or two.

You can always obtain inserts from other parts of the country in case you want the maximum coupons. Whole Coupon Inserts is a great resources for coupon inserts.  For individual coupons, I go to My Coupon Hunter; some of my readers have mentioned that they order their coupons off eBay.

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