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Did you know that some internet printable coupons available have an option to have that coupon mailed to you?

If you get a link to what’s called a “bricks” coupon (look at the coupon’s URL and it will start with…), look in the lower right hand corner for the Help link.

Click the link and see if there is a form to get the coupon mailed to you.  Sometimes there is, sometimes there isn’t.  It probably depends upon the product manufacturer.

This is a great option if you want an extra copy of a coupon beyond the normal two-print-limit per computer,  can’t print coupons while you’re at work, are out of printer ink, don’t have a printer, etc.

This is also a fantastic option for those BOGO coupons that become available from time to time.  There are so few places in the Green Bay area that take BOGO internet coupons, I use this option and can use the coupon at any store.   It looks just like the coupons you print on your computer but has a Veri-sign authentication copyright on the back of the coupon.  Just show the clerk (or MOD) that it was actually mailed to you and didn’t come off the computer.

I recently requested the BOGO Ocean Spray coupon because of a great sale at Festival.  Select juices were $.98 but excluded the brand new Cherry flavor, which sells for about $3.25 depending upon the store.  The coupon was Buy One Ocean Spray Juice and Get One Cherry Juice for Free. As expected, the cashier called the manager over who started to explain to me that they didn’t take internet coupons for free items.  Once I turned the coupon over and explained how I got the coupon, they accepted it no problem.

And if you ever want to keep track of which coupons have that mailed option, make sure you follow my money-saving friend Rose over at Rose Knows Coupons.  Not only does she scrounge up the latest coupons that are available to print, she will always mention if there is a mailed option available.

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