Online Resources: Find Green Bay area Rummage Sales

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This was a hugely popular post when I mentioned it last year so I thought I’d mention it again. There are some great online resource to help you plan your rummage sale routes.

One is called Yard Sale Treasure Map – A Yard Sale Planning Tool.

The  site  shows you the garage sale listings that people post on Craigslist but in map form.  While I am not a huge rummager anymore, I think this could be a very useful tool if you hop the sales. And if you are having a rummage sale, you might want to consider putting an ad on Craigslist because of this online resource, too.

Another place you can check is a Facebook page called Brown County, WI Rummage Sales.  They have a calendar that lists city-wide sales as well as reader-submitted postings, too.

These are just more examples that make me shake my head and wonder what we did before the internet.  Now get out there and get rummaging!

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  1. Dawn Wrobleski on Thu, 31st May 2012 6:02 am
  2. Just a FYI, the rummage sale and Neville Museum’s links are mixed up. Have a great day!

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