Aldi Deals of the Week 4/11- 4/17

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Here’s a look at what’s on sale at Aldi this week. There are quite a few fun things for the backyard! Even  a patio set!

Lots of German foods this week! Yummy!

Just a thought about shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday at Aldi. The ad changes on Wednesdays, but I’ve been to the store many times on Tuesday ( or sometimes Monday) and the new ad items are already there. If it’s  not a regular line item, it’s the ad price as well. Has anyone found this to be true at their local Aldi?

Things you need to know about shopping at Aldi:

  • You will need a quarter to use a cart.  They have their carts in a little “jail” and the quarter will release the cart.  When you are done shopping, return your cart and you’ll get your quarter back.
  • Aldi does not accept coupons.
  • Bring your own bags for groceries
  • Aldi does not accept credit cards.  They accept cash, food stamps/EBT cards, and PIN-based debit cards.

Wednesday Meat Special Buy:

Jumbo Pack Fresh Chicken Breasts $1.69 per lb.


Anjou Pears $1.19 per 2 lb. bag

Cantaloupe $.99 each

Mangoes $.59 each

Navel Oranges $1.39 per 4 lb. bag

Strawberries $.99 per 16 oz pkg.


Breakfast Best Fully cooked Sausage Links 27 oz $4.99

Deutsche Küche Black Forest Smoked Ham 3 lb. $8.99.

Deutsche Küche Port Schnitzel 24 oz $5.99

Deutsche Küche Nuremberg Bratwurst 8 oz $2.99

Kirkwood Chicken Bratwurst 12 oz $3.99

Kirkwood Honey Battered Breast Tenders 25 oz $4.29



Deutsche Küche German Breads Assorted Varieties 17 oz $1.49

Deutsche Küche European Mustards Assorted Varieties 12-13 oz $1.99

Deutsche Küche Premium Müesli Cereal 17 oz $2.79

Deutsche Küche Peanut Puffs 7 oz $1.49

Deutsche Küche Egg Späetzle 17 oz $2.49

Deutsche Küche German Style Sauerkraut 24 oz $1.69

Deutsche Küche Red Cabbage with Apples 24 oz $1.69

Deutsche Küche White Asparagus Spears 11 oz $1.99

Deutsche Küche Pretzel Crackers 6 oz $1.69

Deutsche Küche Pretzel Dough 14-16 oz $2.39

Deutsche Küche Imported Strudel Apple, Fruits of the Forest or Cheese Strudel 21 oz $2.49

Deutsche Küche Pound Cake Lemon or Marble 14 oz $1.99

Deutsche Küche Doppel Keks 17 oz $1.99

Deutsche Küche Liqueur Cake Jamaican Rum or Amaretto 14 oz $2.49

Friendly Farms All Natural Chocolate Almond Milk 64 oz $2.49

Rheinhessen Riesling 750 ml $6.99

St. Anneliese Liebfraumilch 750 ml $3.99

Frozen Foods:

Bremer Selects Cheese Enchilada or Vegetable Lasagna 10 oz $2.49

Fit & Active 14 Calorie Bars 17 oz $1.99

Grandessa Top Crusted Flounder Coconut or Tortilla 12 oz $5.99

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Meat Trio Focaccia Pizza 30 oz $3.99

Non Food Items:

Gardenline Spring Bulbs & Perennials Assorted Varieties $1.69

Gardenline Fruit and Vegetable Bulbs Assorted Varieties $2.49

Gardenline 6 piece Patio Set $99.99

Gardenline Chair Cushion 22X43 $12.99

Gardenline Seat Cushion 17X19 $6.99

Gardenline 50 Gallon Deck Box $49.99

Gardenline Bird Feeding Station $9.99

Gardenline Bird House Feeder $7.99

Gardenline Bird Bath 28″ tall $9.99

Gardenline Tool Utility Rack $9.99

Sterilite Two Shelf Base Cabinet $44.99

Sterilite Four Shelf Utility Cabinet $79.99

Valley Splendor Wild Bird Food 20 lb. $5.99

Vanderwall Heavy Duty Black Shelving $39.99

To see the complete Aldis ad, click here.

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