Aldi Deals of the Week 4/25-5/1

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Hi Folks! Steph here with this week’s deals at Aldi! I am amazed at the gardening items, it’s like Christmas. But not for the kids! 😉

What do you see in the ad this week that makes you happy? Leave a comment!

Things you need to know about shopping at Aldi:

  • You will need a quarter to use a cart.  They have their carts in a little “jail” and the quarter will release the cart.  When you are done shopping, return your cart and you’ll get your quarter back.
  • Aldi does not accept coupons.
  • Bring your own bags for groceries
  • Aldi does not accept credit cards.  They accept cash, food stamps/EBT cards, and PIN-based debit cards.

Wednesday Meat Special Buy:

Tyson Fresh Chicken Fajita Kit 2 lb $6.99


Appleton Farms Breakfast Ham Slices 12 oz  $2.49


Apples, Gala $1.89 per 3 lb. Bag

Bananas $.44 per lb.

Kiwi $.69 per 1 lb pkg. ( this is awesome! I usually see these best price at 2/$1)

Navel Oranges $1/49 per 4 lb. Bag

Pineapple $.99 each

Strawberries $.99 per 16 oz pkg.


Baker’s Corner All Purpose Baking Mix 40 Oz $1.99

Baker’s Corner Southern Style Beer Bread 18 oz $1.49

Beaumont Classic Roast Coffee 11 oz $2.79

Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Fruit Smoothie 32 oz $3.19

Boulder Hot Cups & Lids twelve 6 oz disposable cups $1.99

Campbells V8 100% Vegetable Juice six 5 oz cans $2.89

Chaza Exotic Pomegranate Splash 750 ml $4.99

Fit & Active Key Lime Pie nonfat Yogurt 6 oz $.39

Friendly Farms French Vanilla or Hazelnut Coffee Creamer 32 oz $2.29

Friendly Farms Greek Nonfat Plain Yogurt 6 oz $.89

Happy Farms Blueberry Cream Cheese 8 oz $1.49

Happy Harvest Peas & Carrots 15 oz $.79

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 14 oz $1.99

L’oven Fresh Plain Bagel Skinnys 13 oz $1.99

Millville Blueberry Frosted Shredded Wheat 16 oz $1.99

Millville Blueberry or Mixed Berry Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars $1.49

Millville Fiber Now Chewy Bars $1.49

Millville Apple Rounds Cereal 12 oz $1.49

Nature’s Nectar Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail 64 oz $1.89

Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola 11 oz $2.79

Frozen Foods:

Benita Mamey Premium Ice Cream Bars $2.89

Benita Premium Snack Size Ice Cream Bars $2.99

Breakfast Best French Toast Bites 14 oz $1.99

Bremer Kids Chicken Nuggets or Corndog Meal $1.49

Bremer Stuffed Sandwiches Barbecue Beef or Pepperoni & Sausage $1.89

Kirkwood Chicken Chunks Medium Buffalo Style or Parmesan Garlic 26 oz $4.99

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Stonebaked Garlic Cheese Flatbread 10 oz $1.99

Season’s Choice Potatoes O’Brien 28 oz $1.89


ASB GreenWorld Potting Soil 1 cu ft. $3.99

Gardenline Shepard Hooks $7.99

Gardenline Coco-Lined Hanging Baskets $3.99

Gardenline Coco-Lined Trough Planter $6.99

Gardenline 10″ Stake Planters $14.99

Gardenline Trellises $9.99

Gardenline Basket Hanger $9.99

Gardenline Flowering Hanging Baskets $5.99

Gardenline Clematis Flowering Vines $4.99

Gardenline 7 Piece Dining Set $199.99

Gardenline 15″ Planters $9.99

Garden Cart  15 gal capacity $19.99

Garden Tools your choice of Pruner Set or Grass Shears $4.99

Timberline Cypress Mulch 2 cu ft. $2.49

Upside Down Planter Strawberry or Tomato ( plant not included) $4.99

Watering Wand 18” $5.99

Watering Globes three pack small or two pack large $4.99

Wind or Crystal Spinners $9.99

For the Home:

Crofton Electric Skillet 3 qt capacity $17.99

Crofton Rotating Waffle Maker $24.99

Kitchen Living 11″ Professional Style Frying Pan $17.99

Kitchen Living 7 Quart Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven $24.99

Kitchen Living 4 Quart Cast Aluminum Dutch Oven $22.99

Sealtite 24 Piece  Durable Food Storage Set $8.99

St Cloud Solid Kitchen Rug Assorted Colors $6.99

To see the complete Aldis ad, click here.

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