Festival Foods: Saved 47% (and that includes meat, too!)

April 2, 2012 by
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I know some people might read the title of this article and say “Whoop-de-doo. Other money-saving sites show 60-80% off their trips.” And I’ll be the first to admit that 47% off my total grocery bill doesn’t sound like a lot in that context.    But I bought meat today, something that is rarely shown when others do their great grocery hauls.

Did you know that Festival has a small section in their meat departments for reduced items?  In fact, most grocery stores do, you just have to know where to look.  I’ve picked up some awesome deals in the reduced section for up to 50% off the regular price.  Everything from Oktoberfest brats to ground lamb to today’s find of ground chuck and my favorite bacon in the world!

Here’s what I got:

  • 8.5 lbs Ground Chuck at $2.49 lb (regularly $3.69) – $21.02 (saved $10.12)
  • 3+ pounds Nueske’s Bacon  marked down to $4.99 lb (regularly $8.49 lb) – $16.07 (saved $11.26!)
  • 5 pkgs baby carrots $.78 e
  • 6 Birdseye Steamfresh veggies $.78 e + coupons
  • 4 Hormel Natural Choice Lunch Meats $3.29 e + coupons
  • 2 Hillshire Farms Turkey Polish Sausage $2.98 e + coupons
  • Ecover Fabric Softener $4.69 + in-store coupon
  • 2 Head & Shoulders $3.49 + BOGO coupon
  • 4 Bakery Department breads, 3 were reduced with on-package coupons $11.46
  • 2 Miracle Whip $2.50 e + coupons
  • 8 Philly Cream Cheese $1.00 e + coupon
  • 10 Dannon Oikos $1.19 e + BOGO coupons

Before sales and coupons: $170.17.  After sales and coupons: $89.47.

I could have “saved” an additional $1.90 if I had hauled my butt over to Woodmans to redeem the BOGO Dannon Oikos coupons that expired today because their price is better.  But I’d probably waste that in gasoline!

To see this week’s Festival Foods match-ups, click here.

Are you planning to visit Festival this week? How’d you do?

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2 Comments on Festival Foods: Saved 47% (and that includes meat, too!)

  1. Amanda on Mon, 2nd Apr 2012 12:05 pm
  2. Good thing you didn’t go to woodmans for the oikos coupon deal, they didn’t have any when I went yesterday!

  3. The Bargain Sleuth on Mon, 2nd Apr 2012 12:14 pm
  4. LOL! I did actually pick a bunch up at the Appleton Woodmans on Saturday night and they actually had a bunch left. When I got home I found I had 5 more coupons so I decided to burn those up, too.

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