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You’ve seen me mention a million times that coupons available in inserts are regional.    I always suggest you check Sunday Coupon Preview to decide if you’re going to buy a newspaper, but it can be frustrating not knowing what specific coupons are in our newspaper.  And regional coupons do not show up at all on the Preview sites.  So I thought I’d break it down and show you what’s in Northeastern Wisconsin inserts.

There were two Smart Source coupon inserts, one Red Plum, as well as a Coupon Clipper page with coupons for local businesses like Josephine’s, the Sara Lee Outlet, Cook’s Corner, Lou’s Bootery and more. There is also a one-page insert for Perkins restaurants with coupons, too.

*regional coupons

Smart Source (two inserts)

Smart Source #1
Air Wick Save $1.50/1 Freshmatic Compact refill (5/13)
Air Wick Save $1.50/1 Freshmatic Ultra refill (5/13)
Air Wick Save $1/1 Freshmatic Ultra gadget excludes free item packs (5/13)
Air Wick Save $1/1 Scented Oil twin refill or Save $1/2 single refills (5/13)
Air Wick Save $2/1 Freshmatic Ultra or Compact starter kit (5/13)
Air Wick Get Double Fresh Warmer Unit wyb Scented Oil refill fragrance excludes free item packs up to Save $2.50 (5/13)
Dole Save $1/2 frozen fruit packages (6/30)
Dole Save $1/2 frozen fruit single-serve cups (/30)
Dole Save $.35/1 canned pineapple juice (6/30)
*Dole Save $1.00/1 fruit smoothie shaker (6/30)
GenTeal Save $1/1 lubricant eye drop, gel or ointment (8/31)
*$1.00/2 Hersheys, Reeses or Heath Syrup Bottles SS 4/15/2012 (exp. 5/31)

Hershey’s Save $1/2 chocolate bags 10oz+ (5/31)
Hershey’s Save $1/2 Hershey’s Drops, Rolo minis, Reese’s Minis or Pieces candy pouches 8-10.5oz (5/31)
ICAPS Save $2.50/1 eye vitamin and mineral product (7/31)
Jolly Time Save $.50/1 microwave popcorn (5/31)
Lysol Save $1/1 disinfectant spray 12oz+ (5/16)
Lysol Save $1/1 Neutra Air fabric mist or Neutra Air aerosol can (5/16)
Lysol Save $1/2 bathroom, all purpose cleaners or kitchen cleaners (5/16)
Lysol Save $1/2 disinfecting wipes (5/16)
Lysol Save $1/2 toilet bowl cleaners or no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaners (5/16)
Lysol Save $3/1 No-Touch hand soap system starter kit or dispenser only (5/16)
Opti-Free Save $1.50/1 RepleniSH or EXPRESS 10oz+ solution (6/30)
$.50/2 Ortega products SS 4/15/2012 (exp. 6/30/2012)
Systane/GenTeal Save $1/1 product (7/31)
Zadiator Save $1/1 eye drops 5mL+ (8/31)

Smart Source #2
ban Save $.40/1 1.5oz+ product (5/31)
ban Save $.75/1 solid (5/31)
Clairol Save $1/1 hair color (5/31)
Clairol Save $5/2 hair color (5/31)
Depend Save $1.50/1 Real Fit or Silhouette product (5/26)
Depend Save $1/1 Guards for Men (5/26)
Goodnites Save $2/1 bed mat (5/12)
*$1.00/2 Grande Tortilla Chips SS 4/15/2012 (exp. 6/24)
*Huggies Save $1.00/1 diapers jumbo pack+ (5/12)
Huggies Save $2/1 Little Movers or Little Snugglers diapers or Overnites diapers jumbo pack+ (5/12)
Kauai Coffee Save $2/1 10oz bag (5/31)
*$.50/1 10 oz Kemps SnoBlitz SS 4/15/2012 (exp. 5/26)
Poise Save $1.50/1 hourglass shape pads package (5/256)
Poise Save $1/1 package (5/26)
*$2.00/1 30 ct box of Qunol Ultra CoQ10 SS 4/15/2012 (exp. 5/30)
*$3.00/1 120 ct box of Qunol Ultra CoQ10 SS /15/2012 (exp 5/30)
Schiff Save $3/1 Move Free product (6/30)
Hill’s Science Diet Buy Ideal Balance dry dog food, get 12.8oz Ideal Balance can free up to Save $2.09 (6/30)
Scott Naturals Save $.50/1 flushable wipes tub or refill (5/27)
Scott Naturals Save $1/1 Naturals bath tissue 4 rolls+ (5/27)
Scott Naturals Save $1/1 paper towels 6 rolls+ (5/27)
V8 Save $1/2 Splash 46oz+ (5/27)
Van de Kamp’s Save $1/1 product (6/15)
Zyrtec Save $4/1 product (5/15) ETS
Zyrtec Save $7/1 product 24ct+ (4/22)

Red Plum

*$5.00 off any Bio Spot Defense Flea & Tick Spot On SS 4/15/2012 (exp. 5/31)
Centrum Save $2/1 Specialist multivitamin (5/12)
Centrum Save $3/1 regular or Silver multivitamin 56ct+ (5/12)
Centrum Save $5/1 ProNutrients supplements (5/12)
Gain Save $1/1 detergent ets (5/31)
Gain Save $1/1 fabric enhancer ets (5/31)
Gillette B1G1 free Mach3, Sensor3 or CustomPlus3 disposables up to Save $7.99 (5/31)
Marcal Save $1/1 Small Steps towel 8 roll+ or bath tissue 12 roll+ or Save $1/2 napkins (5/31)
Osteo Bi-Flex Save $5/1 product (5/31/12
Real Simple Save $1/1 issue (7/13)
Sundown Naturals Save $1/1 vitamin or supplement product (5/15)
Sinus/Allergy Buster Save $3/1 Sinus Buster or Allergy Buster nasal spray (7/31)

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