Kwik Trips deals for April

April 10, 2012 by
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Why do I think Kwik Trip is awesome?  Unlike most “convenience” stores, Kwik Trip has great prices on staples like milk, eggs, butter, bread, bananas, potatoes and onions; they sometimes beat the local grocery store prices!  And if you’re going to buy “fast food”, they also have some good options that aren’t too pricey.

I also like Kwik Trip for their Milk Moola program for schools which pays out more than the other dairy programs.  Speaking of schools, I also love the fact that when you buy a Kwik Trip gift card through SCRIP, non-profits are given 10% back.

Grocery specials:

Through May 25th:

  • Milk Sale: Skim-1%-2%- $2.29/gallon  or $1.98/2 half gal. bags

Every Day Grocery Prices:

  • Onions, Bananas & Potatoes $.38 lb

Also, don’t forget to sign up for emails from Kwik Trip where you will get exclusive coupon sent to you.

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