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May 8, 2012 by
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Last week was pretty hectic for me with my participation in Money Smart Week that took up three nights. I found myself hearing or reading something that sparked my interest and thought it would make a good article for Green Bay Consumer.

Then reality set in. More often than not I don’t have time to share things with you.

I thought I’d share the working titles of some articles I’ve never gotten around to finishing:

  • “No, really, I don’t have a favorite grocery store”
  • “There’s a bunch of neat events happening this week but I’ll never have time to go to them, much less write about them!”
  • “Yes, I do know how to spell, sometimes I just can’t type” (alternate title would be “Man, I wish I had an editor to look at my stuff before I published it”)
  • “Stupid is as stupid does”
  • “Tales from the Twilight Shopping Zone”
  • “Can I just set up a cot at Target and live there?”
  • “I shopped without coupons and lived to tell about it!”

Maybe I’ll get to them some day. :-)

Do you have any good titles to put on my wish list?

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