Birthday Bash Giveaway: $25 to Sammy’s Pizza

May 25, 2012 by
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Green Bay Consumer began one year ago. To celebrate our birthday and to thank the thousands of Green Bay Consumer readers, we’re going to give away some prizes. In fact, we’re so excited, we’re going to give away prizes all month!

Today’s giveaway is $25 to Sammy’s Pizza! Do you remember when Sammy’s Pizza was in downtown Green Bay?  I don’t, but I sure as heck remember when they moved to their location on Oneida Street in 1978.

I honestly believe my lifelong love affair with pizza came from Sammy’s Pizza.   We didn’t go a lot, but enough to make an impression upon me.  I have fond memories of having a root beer float with my pizza (and always remember my dad ordering a beer and my mother ordering a strawberry daiquiri).  More than a few times we were at the restaurant at the same time as the late great Packer legend Ray Nitschke.  I even had one of my good friends work at Sammy’s when we were in high school.

Okay, enough about my memories.  How about that pizza?  There’s a reason Sammy’s has been around for for more than 50 years.  Good golly, when I went to pick up this prize, you could smell the garlic in the parking lot outside the building.  Now that’s some pretty impressive Za!

Lastly, how can you not like a place that has their name in stone on the building?  When I was a kid, I always thought that was so cool!

To enter today’s giveaway for $25 to Sammy’s Pizza,  visit our Green Bay Consumer Birthday Bash Giveaways page where you can also read the contest rules, too.

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