Could you live on $1.50 a day?

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Well, the title says it all.  Could you live on $1.50 a day?  That’s my latest Bzz Agent Campaign.

In short, I’m spend 5 days this week feeding myself with $1.50 a day – the U.S. equivalent of the extreme poverty line.  Not $1.50 per meal, $1.50 per day.

Live Below the Line is a campaign that challenges individuals and communities to eat and drink on just $1.50 per day for 5 days. By exposing participants to a glimpse of some of the daily difficulties experienced by the 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty every day, for everything, the campaign provides a unique window into understanding the realities of life for so many.

Through the insights gained over the 5 days, Live Below the Line is assembling a movement of people passionate about eradicating extreme poverty. Through partnerships with various charities, the campaign raises both awareness and critical funds.

If you’d like to know more about Live Below the Line (and see a video of (sigh) Hugh Jackman talking about the project under The Challenge), click here.

We’re a few days into the campaign and at least for The Bargain Sleuth, $1.50 a day (per person) isn’t impossible, but adjustments did have to be made!  There are plenty of items in my arsenal that I can’t make during this week.  One, it’s taught me to improvise.  Like vegetarian chili instead of using ground round.  In fact, that’s our biggest difficulty.  Because what I’ve discovered is that in order to eat for only $1.50 a day, meat has become a luxury.  So I’ve been relying upon other protein sources.  Yup, lots of beans, rice and noodles.

Many of us in the money-saving world talk about stockpiling and have ample supplies of food in our house because we got them so cheap, because we bought enough food to make it to the next sales cycle.  Yet we all know that most people do not live like that.  What the Live Below the Line Bzz Campaign has done is shown me that reality in a different way.  In a very visible and real way.   And it’s made an impact of how I see the food we find so plentiful. I haven’t learned anything new, but I was reminded that we are blessed beyond belief compared to others.

I decided to some of the grocery budget that was leftover from last month and donate to Live Below the Line. We are blessed in abundance and it’s the least I could do.

So again I ask, could you live on $1.50 a day?

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2 Comments on Could you live on $1.50 a day?

  1. Sarah on Thu, 10th May 2012 8:14 am
  2. That must have been a real challenge. I can’t even imagine! Way to go, girl. Glad you were up for the challenge.

  3. Becca from It's Yummilicious on Sat, 12th May 2012 7:32 am
  4. What an inspiration you are! I’m sure that it was a tough commitment, especially with all of those mouths to feed at your table.
    I’m curious… Were you able to serve 3 meals per day on that budget? If not, which meals did you skip?

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