#DrivetheVote for Donald Driver tonight on DWTS

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Just wanted to remind all of you that Double D, Mr. Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers, is going for the Mirror Ball trophy tonight on Dancing With the Stars.

Donald put out a challenge to Packer Nation–he wants to break the record for the most votes ever in the 14 season history of DWTS.  Do we have what it takes? We have to counter-act the judges’ favoritism for certain dancers–and we all know by now that Donald is not one of them. 😉

If you’ve got a Twitter account and don’t already follow him, Driver’s handle is donald_driver80 which is also fed to his Donald Driver Facebook account. You can also follow Donald’s dancing partner, Peta Murgatroyd.

Donald has not only been an outstanding player on the field, he and his wife Bettina have done a  lot of charitable work in the Green Bay area with the “Donald Driver Foundation.”   The organization offers support to many other places like Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and Goodwill, just to name a few.  No matter how successful he’s gotten, he always remembers to Pay It Forward in innumerable ways.  In short, he’s one of the “good guys” that I will gladly support.

Program your phones to #teamdrivingmisspeta 1.800.VOTE.403 or 1.800.868.3403.  Text code is 3403You can also vote via your email addresses.  That’s right, if you have more than one email address, you can vote for each address.  Just sayin’.

Go Team Donald!

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