Target Tuesday: clearance finds and construction updates

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Stopped by both Targets and found some things worth mentioning.  Be sure to check out the Green Bay Consumer Facebook page for more photos of some of the items I mention in this post.

Target West-Ashwaubenon
TOYS–Do you like board games? Then head to the Toy department where you’ll find a selection of board games for 50% off.   I absolutely adore those Target-exclusive games that are packaged to look like books.  Why?  Because they fit so nicely on book shelves, of course!  And I really like the fact that the Preschool game boxes are a sturdy plastic and not easily-destroyed cardboard. They also have some classic games like brain teaseres or Mexican Train game in wooden boxes that are also marked down.

Oh, yeah, did I mention LEGO games?  Some of the LEGO board games are marked down 50%, too!

Also check out the toy aisles and look for the red Clearance signs/stickers to find other 50% off toys; they are still located on the shelves with regular-priced items.  Puzzles, more games, you name it.  You just have to hunt to find the clearance deals.

Make sure you grab a map when you walk in the store to help you find all the departments that have moved. The Ashwaubenon store is still on track for a completely revamped store and enlarged grocery department starting June 24th.

Target East-Bellevue
I found some 75% off pop culture girls’ tees like Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty. $2.68 each! Also found some Shaun White items for 50-75% off included boys jeans, really slick skateboards and more.

I haven’t been to Target East since right before the launch of their grocery department and the shelves were still half-empty. I like it, but I do not like most of their prices. I do like the fact that they sell beer, though! And several Miller/Coors products were marked down. Since that’s our brand, I really liked that!

That Starbucks Cafe lured me in.  That’s how I found out about Happy Hour (see the post here).

What do you think of the new grocery department at Target?

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