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Sometimes people will send a note when they unsubscribe from the daily email;  they say they are getting the same information via Facebook, but that may not be true.  Facebook appears to be making changes to the news feed again.  Because of the changes, you may be missing out on Green Bay Consumer posts.   

That’s why I take the time after these changes roll out (usually every six months or so) to remind you there many other ways you can keep track of what’s going on with Green Bay Consumer throughout your day:

  • Sign up for a daily or weekly email on the Green Bay Consumer home page Daily email subscribers will receive one email each day around 4pm CST that contains a summary of ALL the posts we have put up from the previous 24 hours.  This is the best option to ensure you do not miss an article from Green Bay Consumer.  Readers will get an email 6 days a week, Sunday – Friday, late in the afternoon.  Weekly readers get an email on Friday afternoons with all the posts made from the past week (but some items may obviously be out-of-date).
  • Keep following Green Bay Consumer on Facebook.  All of the posts on this website are fed directly to the Facebook page.  As mentioned above, you may not see all of the posts from your favorite pages even after you become a fan, no matter how you set up your news feed, etc.  Sometimes Green Bay Consumer posts don’t show up on my personal news feed!  And you know how all those pages continually ask you to “like” their posts?  That’s supposed to help keep the page in your news stream.  But believe me, it gets really annoying seeing it in my news feed, I hate asking readers!  So just a reminder to hit that thumbs up button if you like something you see on the Green Bay Consumer Facebook page. Thanks.
  • Google+:  Despite the jokes made, Google+ is not a vast wasteland.  There’s a lot of stuff out there and millions of people use it, as do we!  There are some great options that Facebook doesn’t have.  My favorite is the ability to edit a status after making a typo. Yes, I am a grammar geek!  Oftentimes we put our posts on Google+ before our posting on  Facebook.
  • Follow GBConsumer on Twitter.  All of our posts will also show up on Twitter.  We also tweet high-value coupons and national deals that we think are great, usually courtesy our blogging buddies.  We also Tweet interesting consumer-related articles and occasionally stick our head into Green Bay Packers discussions, too.  You can always see what we’re up to on Twitter by looking on the right-hand side of the Green Bay Consumer website pages.
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed.  Don’t know what an RSS feed is? Click here for an explanation of how it works and how it saves so much time!  I can skim over 1000 articles from dozens of news sources and deal sites in about two hours. Love. it.
  • Pinterest. Green Bay Consumer is also on Pinterest!  Most of the things I post on Pinterest are not specific deals but any sort of money-saving ideas, whether they are DIY or craft projects, frugal recipes and more.  This account is separate from my personal account where I pin all sorts of stuff just like you do.  Which begs the question:  what’s more addicting than having a Pinterest account?  Answer: Having two Pinterest accounts!

Just remember when it comes to Facebook, you get what you pay for.

Thanks for following Green Bay Consumer, no matter how you do it!

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