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Bzz Agent, a word-of-mouth consumer product testing company, recently asked me to try a new type of candy.  It’s called UNREAL.  The candy does not have artificial colors, flavors, corn syrup, or hydrogenated oils.  As they put it, their candy is “unjunked”.

Bzz Agent sent me a coupon for a free product and several BOGO coupons to hand out to friends.  So I bought some of the UNREAL candies and unveiled them at a recent Girls’ Night Out.

First up was the UNREAL version of Peanut and Plain M&Ms.  The colors of the candies are darker and more intense than the familiar red, green, orange, etc.   The UNREAL brand was definitely more flavorful, probably because they used things like beet juice for coloring. The general consensus amongst my 7 friends was that we would buy these again.

Then, it was on to the UNREAL Chocolate Caramel Bar and the Chocolate Caramel Peanut Nougat Bar.  After debating for a few minutes, we decided that the word we wanted to use was dry to explain how the chocolate coating tasted.  Like if you had a really old Snickers bar and tried to eat it.  No one was very impressed, just an “all right”.

Finally, we tried the UNREAL Peanut Butter Cups which are akin to Reeses.  The chocolate was moist and much more flavorful than their more famous counterpart.  Everyone that tried this type of candy agreed that they might purchase it again.

Overall, a mixed experience, but we all agreed that UNREAL’s premise was good.  Less junk in our junk food is a good thing, even if it didn’t hit the target on all attempts.

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