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Like I mentioned in my Thanksgiving dinner comparison chart, Festival Foods is doing it’s darndest to give away food for the Thanksgiving Holiday!  At the very least, their specials are making it possible for almost anyone to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at an affordable price.

  • $.02 lb guarantee.  I price-matched my turkey to the Piggly Wiggly ad for $.39 lb.  So my turkeys bought at Festival over the past week have been $.37 lb.  Walking out of the store with a 10 pound turkey for under $4.00 is amazing.  Also, the staff didn’t blink an eye when I mentioned I wanted to price match the turkey to Piggly Wiggly’s ad (which expires Tuesday). Zero problems price matching.
  • Free Stove Top stuffing, Heinz Gravy, Freshlike Vegetables, and Brown & Serve rolls with store coupon and purchase of 10+ lb turkey.
  • Theoretically, the only thing left to buy is cranberries ($1.49) and sweet potatoes ($.68 lb) and maybe a pie if you don’t make your own (also on sale).
  • Doing the math, a large family could have one heck of a Thanksgiving feast for about $10 – $12!

The soda deals are pretty good, too.  That’s what I bought to help bring my total to $25 (the competitor considerations in order to get the $.02 guarantee).  I probably bought enough soda to last until Memorial Day, when soda deals will again be this fabulous.

If you’ve got room in your freezer, the Hillshire Farms hams are $3.28 lb.  Buy one for $30 and use a second store coupon to get your turkey for free!  (I didn’t do this deal, however.  When stopping at Nueske’s last week, they had bone-in hams for $1.99 lb!!!!)<

As I bought my turkeys (I bought four in the past week, all in different trips to various Festivals), I remembered that Paul’s Pantry will take frozen items!  If you’ve got an extra $10, you can pick up an entire meal and drop it off at Paul’s Pantry, where I know they’ll put it to good use!

That’s why I want to publicly thank Festival Foods.  This is my favorite week to go shopping during the entire year. Not only can I score deals for my family, but I can Pay It Forward, too!

For more details on this week’s Festival Foods sales, click here.

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  1. Kristin on Mon, 19th Nov 2012 1:23 pm
  2. Awesome!!!

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