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Okay, you’ve seen all of this week’s sales, but let’s face it.  It can be mind-boggling keeping straight who has what items and at what price.  Well, you don’t have to worry cuz look at this handy dandy spreadsheet I made for Green Bay Consumer readers!  It lists some of the many popular Thanksgiving foods and  their prices at 6 area grocery stores.  Information was gathered either through the sales flyers or by a trip to the local store yesterday and today.

The table features about 25 items so if it says “show 10”, switch it to “25”.   I know this doesn’t give you all the prices on all the items you’re probably looking for, but it should give you an overview of what store will fit your needs best.

Remember that Festival is doing it’s best to just give us all turkeys this week with all of their in-store coupon specials but there’s nowhere to reflect that on the chart.  Also, you might want to click here to check some of the more popular coupons that are out there to make your dinner more affordable.

I had so much fun putting this together for you.  Am I a dork that I find this really cool?

Enjoy and happy Turkey Day meal planning!

AldiCopps/PNSFestival FoodsPiggly WigglyWal-MartWoodmans
TurkeyButterball $1.19 lb$.02 lb less than any advertised competitor price
Fresh Cranberries-
Canned Cranberries$.89
Sweet Potatoes
$1.29 Candied $.99
Box Stuffing$.69
Bag Stuffing$1.99
Canned Pumpkin$.89$.69
Sour Cream
16 oz
Canned Pineapple$.89
Canned/Jar Gravy$.89
French Fried Onions$1.99
Frozen Vegetables$1.09$.77-
Canned Green Beans$.49-
Reddi Whip-
Frozen Whipped Topping$.89
Pre-Made PiePumpkin $2.89
Apple $3.49
Boxed Mashed Potatoes
Cream of Soups$.49
Canned Black Olives$.99-
Celery$.48 w/store coupon
Canned Broth$1.29$.77
Cream Cheese 8oz brick$.99


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