Copps/Pick ‘n Save extends Saturday Double Daze

January 2, 2013 by
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Copps and Pick ‘n Save grocery stores have extended their popular Saturday Double Daze.  The current promotion runs through March 30th.

  • Double up to five (5) Coupons with $1.00 or less face value
  • You must have a Roundys loyalty card to get the deal; if you forgot yours, the cashier can look it up by phone number.
  • Must have $25 pre-coupon total to double. If they don’t double, add a gift card to your total (not a Roundys one).
  • You can split your shopping into separate transactions.  Some stores will limit you to two transactions at a time.
  • You can use store and manufacturer coupon on the same product
  • You can usually roll Catalina deals, meaning if you receive a Catalina coupon on your first transaction (i.e. milk coupon), you can use them on your second transaction which contains milk.
  • Rain Checks expire in 2 weeks.

Wednesday Double Daze continues as well.

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