Important Reads: Credit Card fees, JC Penney brings back sales + more

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I read–a lot.  Many times I’d like to share the information but just don’t have the time.  Some days there aren’t enough hours, especially when school gets out early.    So I thought I’d include a few of them in this post.

It could soon cost you more to shop with a credit card at some stores. Click here for more information on this new rule and how it could impact your pocketbook.

This one kind of ticked me off because I make a point of avoiding HFCS and sought out Hunts because of their “No HFCS” label: Hunt’s Manages To Sneak High-Fructose Corn Syrup Back Into Its Ketchup After 2 Years Without.

What’s wrong with free?  Is there anything wrong with getting an item for free?  Apparently some people think so.

8 Eco Crazy Ways to use Vodka (that don’t involve drinking it)

Kraft cited again for short-weight products (meaning their products contained less than what the package said.)

JCPenney to Bring Back Sales, Is Sorry Everyone Hated Everyday Low Prices. ‘Nuff said.

Michaels Clearance Price Doesn’t Apply To Clearance Items…Wait, What? The Consumerist is really good at finding quirky shopping stories like this. Highly recommend them.

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2 Comments on Important Reads: Credit Card fees, JC Penney brings back sales + more

  1. Sarah Spiegel on Wed, 30th Jan 2013 8:29 pm
  2. I’m glad to see JCP’s policy go. While I understood it, I just “didn’t get it”. I walked into a JCP maybe 4 times last year, and I just couldn’t find anything that I felt was a good price. Plus, monthly fliers just did not draw me to come in. There was just nothing to grab a consumer.

  3. Chelle on Mon, 4th Feb 2013 2:38 pm
  4. Oh I just realized this too while ketchup shopping. So mad. That is why I bought their brand. Grr. And yes, the Consumerist cracks me up constantly.

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