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csaexpoChances are, you spend a good chunk of your grocery budget buying fresh produce at your local farmer’s market in spring and summer.  If buying locally grown fresh produce, reducing your carbon footprint, and building a sense of community is important to you, there is an alternative to the farmer’s market: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  CSA’s have been around for over 25 years, but have been recently gaining popularity.

As a member of a CSA, you buy a share from a local farmer.  Your “share” is a weekly box of seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Homemade bread, egg, and meat add-ons are often available, too.  The season usually starts in May or June and lasts 15 – 20 weeks.  Your box will contain whatever is currently ripe at the time (the onslaught of zucchini will come in late summer, but don’t expect strawberries in September.)  Most farms include a newsletter with recipes (which is helpful for those items that you’ve never cooked, or even seen, before!)

CSA members often talk about the strong sense of community they feel with their farmers and other members: members share in the risk, as well as the reward.  Everyone benefits from a bumper crop of tomatoes, but if pests wipe out the pepper crop, no one gets peppers.  Members often visit, and sometimes volunteer, at the their farm, as well.

Generally, full and half shares are offered by each farm. If you consider what you would be spending at the farmer’s market each week, you’ll find there is a comparable share for nearly every budget.

To learn more about participating in a CSA this summer, head to Kavarna in downtown Green Bay between 9am and noon this Saturday, March 2.  Farmers from Steep Creek Farms, Twin Elm Gardens, Norsk Farm, Kellner Back Acre Garden, and Trusted Earth will be on hand to answer all of your questions about CSA’s.

In addition to the farms listed above, Sleepy Hollow Farm and Triple B Produce also offer CSA programs in our area.

For more information about CSA’s, click here for a general overview.

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