Piggly Wiggly Meat Sale February 14th

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olsen-meatMany area Piggly Wiggly’s are having a 1-Day Meat Sale on February 14th. The sale runs 7am ~ 7pm. While supplies last, no rainchecks, no sales to dealers.

The list below is for Olsen’s in Howard.  To see the list for Larry’s in De Pere, click here.

The Following are Cut to Order for FREE!
4-6 lb. (in the bag) Whole Beef Tenderloins- $5.99/lb
10-12 lb. Diamond Lean Whole New York Strips- $4.99/lb
14-18 lb. Diamond Lean Whole Boneless Ribeyes- $5.99/lb
8-11 lb. Certified Angus Whole Boneless Sirloin Tip- $2.99/lb
10-12 lb. Farmland Whole Boneless Pork Loin- $1.99/lb

Tenderloin Fillets- $6.99/lb
Family Pack Certified Angus Boneless Ribeye Steaks- $7.99/lb
85% Lean Ground Chuck- $2.79/lb (10 lb. package)
90% Lean Ground Round- $2.99/lb (10 lb. package)

Family Pack Farmland Boneless Pork Chops- $2.49/lb
Farmland Baby Back Ribs- $2.99/lb
Farmland Whole Pork Tenderloin- $2.99/lb
Farmland 2 Piece Whole Pork Butts- $1.49/lb
Family Pack Farmland Pork Steak- $1.69/lb
Farmland 2 Piece Pork Spare Ribs- $1.99/lb

Olsen’s Own Burgundy Pepper Spoon Roast or Steak- $3.99/lb
Olsen’s Own Family Pack Smoked Hot Dogs- $3.99/lb

Smokin Joe’s Brat Burgers- $2.99/lb
Breaded Chicken Nuggets- $1.99/lb
Family Farms Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast- $4.99/ea

Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillets- $3.49/lb
Canadian Cold or Warm Water Lobster Tails- $19.99/lb
9-10 ct. Bulk Sea Scallops- $14.99/lb
Alaskan Pollock Fillets- $17.99/ea (10 lb. box)
Icelandic Haddock or Cod Fillets- $29.95/ea (5 lb. box)
13-15 Ct. Peeled & Deveined Bulk Raw Shrimp- $10.99/lb
26-30 ct. Bulk Cooked Shrimp- $6.99/lb
61-70 ct. Surefresh Cooked Shrimp- $5.49/ea (1 lb. bag)
Alda Haddock or Cod Fillets- $19.95/ea (5 lb. box)
Individually Quick Frozen Yellow Lake Perch Fillets- $8.99/lb
Pur Pac Walleye Fillets- $8.99/lb/ea (1 lb. package)
Individually Quick Frozen Wild Smelt- $3.99/ea (1 lb. package)

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