Sunday Coupon Preview for March 31, 2013

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Update--some websites are reporting that the Procter & Gamble insert that was originally scheduled for next weekend will be in this Sunday’s paper.  ????

Want to know what coupon inserts could be in Sunday’s newspaper?  Nice and easy peasy this week. Because of the Easter  holiday, there are none.

Generally speaking, there are never inserts on a holiday weekend. 

Why?  I’ve never seen an official reason but have a few theories.  One, many people travel over the holidays.  Marketers like Smart Source and Red Plum are trying to hit their target audience in each newspaper market; we see it all the time with regional differences in coupons.  They can’t distribute coupons to the demographics they want to if half of them are gone and the other half aren’t the people they are trying to get the coupons to.

Also, shoppers change their spending habits so they spend more in the weeks coming up to a holiday, but don’t actually spend much immediately following a holiday.

Those are my theories, anyway. :-)

So just take this weekend to enjoy the Easter holiday.

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