Why I don’t shop the drugstores

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wagscvsOne of the things that isn’t covered on Green Bay Consumer much is shopping at drugstores like CVS and Walgreens.  Why?  There are at least 100 other sites that cover those stores!

Another reason we don’t cover the stores much is simply that I do not shop at them for a few reasons.

1.  Voodoo Economics.  That’s what I call it when you get a coupon to take money off on your next purchase.  Providing you need to return to the store within the short redemption time frame and ONLY buy something for the exact price of the Register Reward.  Otherwise you will be spending more money, albeit not as much.  Also, what if they have nothing on sale within the  next few weeks that you want?

2.  Small inventory.  When there is a really good deal, you can go to the drugstores on Sunday morning and all 4-5 of that item are already gone, taken by the multitudes that want that deal, too!  Despite sometimes getting restocked during the week, that means another trip (and gas money) to go get your items “for free”.  If you want to stock up, good luck!  It may require several trips to several different drugstores throughout the week to get what you want.  I don’t have time for that kind of shopping.

3. Products available.  The drugstores are fine if you regularly use those products that they have on sale and can combine coupons/earn register rewards.  My family, for the most post, don’t use most of those items.  I’ve had friends say “You mean you don’t like free toothpaste, shampoo or cereal?”  Of course I do!  However, I buy organic/non-conventional toothpaste/shampoo/cereal.  Which means the deals aren’t deals to me personally.  When I have seen a great deal on something like Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, see my point #2–they are out of stock!

That’s not to say mastering The Drugstore Game, as it’s called, is not a great idea. If it works for you and your family, great!  It just doesn’t fit our family’s needs.  As I always say, Do what works for you!

If you want to master The Drugstore Game, I recommend you check out the book The Lazy Couponer.

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