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Time for another edition of Taking out the Trash, the semi-regular posts that may or may not have something to do with saving money but are not specific deals.  I have a lot on my mind so I’m cleaning out the “garbage” in my head by Taking out the Trash.

Have you noticed anything different about Green Bay Consumer?  Kristin and I have been tweaking things behind the scenes.

  1. With summer quickly approaching, we’ve brought back the popular Weekend Events Calendar, highlighting the events and activities mentioned previously on GBC, as well as some events we just never got around to writing up!  You can find a link to the current week’s listing on our home page under “Events & Activities”.
  2. Speaking of which, we brought back the Events and Activities section on our home page for ongoing items like Bay Beach, area trails, and more.  If you are ever at a loss for something to do in the Green Bay area, check out this section for lots of ideas.  Kristin’s Wisconsin Bucket List that was published today will also be added to the list.
  3. As we’ve mentioned in the past few weeks, we are no longer doing grocery store matchups on a regular basis because so many other sites are already doing them.  You can, however, find all the information you need by clicking here.  You can also find a link on our home page under “Popular Posts”.
  4. Astute readers might have also noticed that I am still here on a daily basis despite my big goodbye last month.  What can I say?  I like what I do! Kristin has taken over some more duties of the website, freeing up my time to work on the other projects that have come up outside of the website.  I have to say if you’re going to do a website of any kind with daily content provided to readers, you shouldn’t do it alone!  Kristin is a great asset and I’m glad she’s around to be a partner on Green Bay Consumer.
  5. Our daily Facebook posts are dwindling.  Because the social media giant provides useful stats to page administrators, we know that on a good day, only 25 – 30% of Facebook page fans are seeing our posts.  Kristin and I realized that posting on and monitoring Facebook was actually taking up almost as much time as writing the actual articles.  So we decided we’d only do a couple of updates a day on Facebook.  You can always see everything we write by going directly to our website or by subscribing to our daily email blast, which is sent out around 4:30 pm Monday – Fridays.  We also have a weekly option, too, that goes out on Friday afternoon.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Birthday Bash giveaways.  Next week will be our last Birthday Bash giveaway.  We love giving away stuff, so if you know of a local business that would like some exposure on a locally-based website reaching thousands of readers each day, have them contact us!  We love to support the locals.

We’re taking off Friday and Monday (for the most part) to enjoy the long weekend and reflect upon what the Memorial Day weekend means.  We hope you do, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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