The Stages of Couponing

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When you talk to people about coupons, there’s a wide variety of usage.  Some have never used coupons before, some have used them casually but want to learn more, some gave up couponing years ago.  The most interesting are the ones that have either never tried it or gave up years ago out of frustration.

That made me think of all the different stages of couponing one goes through in their lifetime.  It kind of reminds me of a marriage:

1. The Coupon Virgin

You’ve never really used coupons before, you’re unsure of yourself, a little nervous and tentative.  Depending upon the cashier, it can be an unenjoyable experience, too. :-)

2. The Newlywed

All right, you’ve figured out how to coupon and jump in full force, couponing up a storm.  Much like a newlywed wants to buy everything they need for their new life right away, the Newlywed couponer jumps on every good deal they see, whether they use the product or not!

3. The 7-year Itch (Divorce or Counseling)

After some time of going full-force at couponing, one of two things happen.  Either the person gets tired of couponing and gives up because they’ve created too much work for themselves (several hours of couponing each week and a massive stockpile), or they reassess their coupon use and figure out that less sometimes means more.

4. The Golden Years or Second Marriage

The Golden Years of Couponing is when a person figures out the happy balance between couponing, stockpiling and how it fits into their personal life.

A person may go back and forth from one stage to another.  I myself have gone through the 7-year itch more times than I care to admit!  Generally speaking though, I’m in my Golden Years of couponing.  I know what works for our family and don’t spend a great deal of time couponing.

How about you?  What stage are you in?

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