Strawberry Season in Northeastern Wisconsin

June 17, 2013 by
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Yes, we’re well into June and we’re still awaiting Strawberry-picking season!  My family is a bunch of berry-picking fools; this time of year is like hunting season.  Except we’re huntin’ berries. :-)  Last year we were spoiled with an early picking season, but this year the strawberry picking season is a little late.  Most places are projecting sometime during the week of June 24th for a start of the Pick-Your-Own season, but some may be a few days earlier.

There are some really nice patches in Northeastern Wisconsin where you can pick a bucket, pick a flat (or two), or even have the berries picked for you (for an added price).  Check their website, Facebook page or give them a call to make sure they have berries.

Prices are as low as $1.35/lb for pick-your own and up to $2.35/lb for pre-picked berries.

The strawberry season normally lasts about 3 weeks in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Now get out the canning supplies and shortbread, it’s almost time!

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