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Bzz-agentHave you heard of BzzAgent?

Bzz Agent is a word-of-mouth marketing company.  You sign up, fill out your demographic information, take the occasional survey and if you’re demographics match up with a client, you might be invited to join a “campaign”.

Sometimes you get a box with the product, sometimes you get coupons for a FREE or heavily discounted product.  You will always be given informational cards and occasionally coupons or even samples to hand out to friends and family as you Bzz.

All Bzz Agent asks you to do is try the product and tell people about it, good or bad.  Then you report back to Bzz.  The more Bzz you create, the higher your ranking which leads to more opportunities to Bzz.  Nice little circle, huh?  (In case you’re wondering, you do not have to be a blogger to participate.)

Since 2005, I’ve  tried bug repellents and dish detergent and mascara.  I’ve gotten a Sonicare Toothbrush,  Take 5 Candy Bars, and even some anti-aging cream (ahem, not that I need that sort of stuff).  However, my favorite Bzz Agent campaign was my KINDLE!

If you’re interested in trying Bzz Agent, click here.

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