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Kristin and I would like to thank you for being a reader of Green Bay Consumer.  We love what we do and hope you get use out of our posts, whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or get the daily email blast.

Green Bay Consumer, as well as most websites, has something called affiliates.  Affiliates will pay the site a small percentage if someone clicks a link and makes a purchase, signs up for a service, prints a coupon, etc.  A very small percentage.  Yet that small percentage is what pays to keep the lights on for Green Bay Consumer.  We currently have no local advertising!

I recently kept track of how often we wrote posts containing an affiliate link.  They make up about 10% of our overall content.  That’s not too bad considering some sites only mention deals or events if there is an affiliate link!  While that percentage will probably go up a little as we get closer to the holiday season, for the most part we mention things only because we want to inform you, not only to make money.  However, we also would like to be rewarded for our hard work, too.

So we’re asking our loyal readers to consider a few simple things before they make purchases online this holiday season.

Stop by Green Bay Consumer first!  If you’re going to shop at, come to our site first and then click on the ad.  Then you can shop to your heart’s content.  The percentage we earn doesn’t cost you any more out-of-pocket, and you will help keep this site in business!

Same thing goes for daily deal sites like Groupon, Deal Chicken, Mamasource, and Living Social.  If you visit Green Bay Consumer first, then click our links to those sites (found on our home page under “Popular Posts”, we earn a small percentage of the sale.

Printing coupons from also earns us a penny or two per print.

We’d like to keep Green Bay Consumer operating for a long time to come.  We hope you agree, too.

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