How Aldi made Kristin a Better Shopper

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aldiAbout six months ago, I made my first trip to Aldi.  Since then, I have become an Aldi fanatic!  I love Aldi and I love telling everyone how much I love Aldi.  I love that their store is small, so I can get in and out quickly, I love that I don’t have to worry about using coupons or price-matching, and I love their low prices.  But the other day I realized that shopping at Aldi hasn’t just saved me money, it’s made me a better shopper (and person) in other ways, too.

I try new foods.  I would love to have the time to wander around a big grocery store and look for new foods to try.  At Aldi, there is no choice but to go past every item in the store, so it’s easier to find new things.  The prices are so reasonable, that I can usually justify trying a new food, even if I am not sure my family will like it.  The whole wheat gnocchi I got a few weeks ago did not go over so well, but the pumpkin flax granola is terrific!

I buy more organic items.  I wish I could feed my family nothing but locally grown and organic foods.  Not only is that tricky to do in Wisconsin, but it can also be very expensive.  Aldi has been introducing some organic items into their stores.  I have bought them when they are available, because the price difference between organic and non-organic was so minimal.  I bought some organic chicken stock and it only cost 50 cents more than the non-organic, which still made it cheaper than a non-organic chicken stock at any other store!  And just today, I read some great news: it looks like the Aldi organic line is going to be a permanent fixture in their stores!

I (almost always) have a fully stocked pantry.  This used to happen to me a lot: “I want to make such-and-such recipe – but I am out of canned tomatoes!”  Chasing sales at other grocery stores meant that I didn’t always buy enough food for a stocked pantry, just enough for that week’s meals.  I use Aldi as my “stock-up” store and since I know their prices are as low as can be, I can buy as much as I need.  I love being able to pull together a meal from food I have on hand.

Aldi did not pay me to write this.  I wanted to show that saving money at the grocery store can benefit you and your family in other ways.  I’m sure these same lessons could be applied to shopping at Woodman’s or Walmart.  How has your favorite grocery store made you a better shopper?

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