How are you paying for Christmas this year?

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Christmas-ClubWhen I was a kid, my mom had a Christmas Club at our local bank.  I remember being fascinated by the little coupon book and how every week, she’d take it to the bank and deposit a few dollars so that she’d have money set aside for Christmas.

Times have changed and I don’t think many people have a Christmas Club anymore!  But buying Christmas gifts can still be expensive enterprise.  I find that I need to plan well ahead of time each year, make a budget, and figure out how my family will pay for Christmas gifts!  Here are my plans for this year:

Money set aside: I am lucky enough that I get paid for writing for this website, so I have tucked most of that money away for Christmas.

Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks: I actually first learned about Swagbucks from reading Green Bay Consumer and I sure am glad I did!  I earn Swagbucks all year long by doing things like searching the internet, watching videos and using coupons.  It doesn’t take many Swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card.  I have been saving up my gift cards and will cash them in when I start my shopping!

Selling unused gift cards: I have not had much luck selling household items on eBay this year, as I have in the past.  So I turned to a stack of unused gift cards in my desk drawer and sold them to CardCash.  It was an easy process: I registered the card on their website, picked a payout, and then mailed the card in.  A few days later, I got an email with my Amazon gift card code in it.

Tell us: how are you paying for Christmas this year?  Do you still have a Christmas Club?  Have you been shopping all year long?  Do you just wing it and hope your checking account holds out?   We could all use some ideas so please share!

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