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In this latest edition of Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets, I’d like to discuss the hundreds of other sites out there in the same vein as Green Bay Consumer.

When I started my original website, I think I followed more than 50 money-saving blogs and websites, trying to find the best online deals to share with readers here in Northeastern Wisconsin.   I was so afraid of missing a deal! 

After a Green Bay Consumer post went viral (which, BTW, was a VERY cool thing), I discovered at least 100 other sites!  As time passed  literally hundreds of new sites popped up besides those, too.  However, I find myself  now following less than ten money-saving sites.  That’s it!

Why the big change? Two words: information overload.  My head was ready to implode from the amount of stuff I sifted through!  On any given day I had more than 1000 posts to read from other bloggers.

You know what?  Most of the stuff I read was repeated on many different sites.  Who  needs to read the same stuff 20 times?  Not me.

Bloggers all have the same resources, the sources that I now know about and use on a daily basis.   They rarely come up with something that I haven’t seen.   Before I knew about these resources, I would happen to find a deal on  I’d write about it and then the following day or two a bigger blogger would also mention it as a “new” deal.  Frustrated me to no end because it wasn’t new to me!

So I asked a big-name blog about it and found out the “tricks of the trade”, so to speak. I no longer have to scrounge for those deals, the deals now come to me.  (I’ll tell you where to get that information in our next installment of Blogging’s Dirty Little Secrets.)

Another reason I only follow a few sites is because I don’t like to regurgitate what every other blog is doing.   One of the reasons I started my site was to bring something unique to the readers of Northeastern Wisconsin, not just regurgitate the latest national deals.  Kristin and I think we’ve got more than enough content to share with the Green Bay Consumer readers with local sales, events and consumer-related articles mixed in with some national deals.  Some days there’s so much we can’t get to it all!

I once got some advice to follow ten money-saving blogs so you get an overall look at the deals out in cyberspace.   I think that’s a good rule of thumb.  Here’s our list which is found under “Favorite Sites” on Green Bay Consumer: (Psst.  You’ll also find other cool sites listed on there, too, not just these!)

Regional sites:
Creative Couponing:  Copps sales match-ups come from here and is Minnesota-based. I  have such admiration for Karen because those Copps ads can be a major pain to put together with all those different sales and coupon booklets and games!

Pocket Your Dollars (Minnesota-based) Carrie (and Laura) and the rest of the staff have very strict criteria for what is posted.  So if you see a deal on PYD, you know it’s not a 15% off deal, it really is a good deal.

Coupons for Wisconsin Ashley does a lot of other things besides the weekly Piggly Wiggly ads which I often refer to readers.  If you’re not following her right now, I highly recommend you start.
Rose Knows Coupons Wisconsin-based.  Rose rocks!  She does all the stuff that I don’t have time for right now and more.  Whether it’s the latest hot coupons being released or a daily Kindle freebies list, Rose’s site is well-rounded for any deal seeker.  The fact that she’s a Sconnie is just a bonus!

National Deal Sites:
Common Sense With Money (did you know this big-name blog actually got it’s start in Plymouth, Wisconsin?)
Hip to Save
Mojo Savings
Money Saving Mom

By streamlining my resources instead of following a ton of sites, you may not see every hot deal that’s out there.  Then again, who has time to read that much?  I sure don’t!

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