My grocery budget – year in review

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budgetFor all of 2013 I’ve been keeping a close eye on our grocery budget and publishing the results every month here on Green Bay Consumer.  My goal when I started the year was to see if I was still spending around $450/month in groceries as I had been prior to having two more kids, a slowed economy, inflation, etc.

With December only being half over, I simply took my current spending total and doubled it.

Here’s how it all looks.

For the year, I spent $4670.53 on groceries.  Dividing that by 12 months, my total came to $389.21 in monthly spending, well under the $450 budget I made for our family.  As I’ve mentioned previously, our family has made the move to more natural/organic items and have avoided the processed-yet-cheap convenience foods like Hamburger Helper so I’m very pleased with our numbers.

Besides avoiding pre-processed foods, I simply shopped the lowest-priced grocery stores, shopped the sales and combined coupons whenever possible, canned/froze my own food and more.  I avoided impulse items and thought twice about adding some items to the cart when I knew I was getting close to my budget for the month.

Will I try to go lower in 2014?  I see no reason to change our $45o/month budget.  That gives me a cushion of spending for those months where stocking up on an item can push the spending higher.

I hope this exercise has encouraged you to take a closer look at your spending on variable items like groceries.  By simply monitoring my family’s spending this way, I became more aware and also made smarter choices in the grocery store.

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